1. The various benefits of being a marine biologist

  2. how I'd like to study that man eating ferocious creature.. also the shark


  4. thanks! I just love to try things and have fun

  5. how beautifuly they portrayed death and the cryptic but romantic feeling of it all

  6. sure thing :> @/amouswolf on twitter and IG!

  7. The hard work you put on the blood, it's top-notch 'chef's kiss'

  8. ugh I've never done something like it I'm proud of myself :")

  9. Wow this art is absolutely gorgeous! I love snakes and Izzy is my favorite character, so seeing them together in such a well-drawn piece of art is basically everything I could ever want.

  10. If you’re wondering why I picked the “helpful” award, it’s because that’s the award I had available for free… but also it greatly helped me with the chronic Snizzy deprivation that I hadn’t realized I had.

  11. Aww… they’re sooo cute! And I love that Will is also wearing a murder suit!

  12. You say "pocket Izzy" like this isn't his actual size 😂

  13. I haven't been able to see the images without hearing him saying that. XD

  14. Oh my god, love it! The sub with the gun vibe is epic too.

  15. HAHA why do I feel like it would have worked better though

  16. outstanding!! love the strokes and the colors :>

  17. ah I suppose I do but I don't use it since forever 💀 I mostly use Twitter and Instagram @/amouswolf

  18. Love the detail!! He looks awesome.

  19. I just checked out your Instagram and that video of Ayato is like step 1: draw a fucking perfect hand 🤣 y'all artists continue to amaze me. 💕

  20. HAHAHAHAHA don't be too amazed though that only happens once every 2 or 3 full moons 💀

  21. I have a puffy shirt Jerry funko 👀👀👀

  22. If you do it, make sure to wear a ventilator or an n95 mask so the plastic particles don't go into your lungs

  23. glad to know I'm not the only one obsessed with young Con, though scratch that I'm still a simp 💀

  24. also if anyone wants both higher quality and an explanation of the drawing you can check out my Twitter @/amouswolf :D

  25. oh God that was traumatic 💀 you're gonna have to grind at least 7k hp on everyone and go bonkers with your investment on your healer

  26. Thank you so much! Congrats on completing the trials!

  27. on the Spanish dub they stablished "elle" which is actually being used now in the Latin lgbtq community

  28. That's what is confusing me, I speak portuguese. Ele is the masculine pronoun so is it okay to refer to Jim as him? Or is elle a neutral pronoun?

  29. well this goes for Spanish only as far as I know, maybe there is one for Portuguese? I also know the French version is Ile, and the Spanish one and this one are both a mix of both fem and masc pronouns so maybe its the same for Portuguese (?) i wouldn't know

  30. Hello! I am happily spending unwise amounts of money on OFMD merch - please don't hesitate to share the link to your shop, if ypu have one, it looks really nice!

  31. oh gee thats great but I just did this to my own amusement xD I don't have a shop

  32. It looka really good, congratulations :)

  33. bestie amazing, but could you please confirm real quick if Dantes a top or bottom finally ;w;?

  34. i did just re start the game and skip the cutscene from the start

  35. For me personally it is a annoying thing. As I am a Top and I relate to Eiden and see the scenes trough his eyes. So yeah besides Yakumo who is just adorable crybaby I want bottoms not tops.

  36. same bro same.. its not obviously that its a bad thing but I think the fair thing would be to rotate the new characters so that one is top and one is bottom and so on (or vers would me amazing if ever) but since, unexpectedly, blade ended up topping to have another top right after.. idk man. also I would love a hunk masc bottom so fking much

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