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  1. Most skateboard decks cost anywhere from 30-50$. They wanted him to pay nearly three decks worth to transport it.

  2. I mean, it was a perfectly good deck, some value had to be destroyed because of the company's stupid rule

  3. Neither of you are right. It is significant, not as significant as Alireza rating climb/quality of games.

  4. I am not talking about achievements here , I’m comparing how promising certain things are and qualifying for the candidates means 100x more than becoming ‘’world rapid champion’’

  5. Yeah, would have been an ugly slam, she was fast 😪

  6. Is it tho? What if she wanted to say 'no'? Wouldn't that be like a lot of pressure and the vibe afterward be so akward?

  7. This a screenshot, get a better GPU?

  8. I love how much Hikaru enjoys these swindles. Somehow, in most of the games between them I've watched on Youtube, Eric just seems to be extra nervous playing Hikaru in particular, and very liable to these kinds of brainfarts.

  9. Somehow? Hikaru is like the final boss of

  10. o 0 de 2000 devia ser um Porsche, só pode ser

  11. 21 entre 1000 num país do tamanho e importância do Brasil é muito pouco ainda.

  12. Do you know anyone personally who owns a firearm? Or is it really not that common

  13. I live in one of the biggest cities, and of the hundreds/thousands of people that I interacted here and am aquantainces with, not a single one has a gun. (That I know of, maybe in their house? But I doubt it)

  14. The only people that have guns here are Police, Criminals, and stupid gun-nuts after Bolsonaro was elected.

  15. I mean, he did change the sporting director.. There is some truth to it

  16. Every day after training they should shoot 50 penalties each, whoever scores the most (Ney) deserves them in-game.

  17. Nao foi deslize no nazismo. Ele nao é nazista, as pessoas nao entenderam, ele é a favor da super liberdade, oq é errado, ele so usou nazismo como exemplo. Pq nessa ideia deq todo mundo pode ser 100% livre a pessoa pode ser nazista se ela quiser, pq é a liberdade dela ser oq ela quiser.

  18. Porque você acha que "as pessoas nao gostam da palavra nazismo"?..Ser livre pra ser nazista é uma idéia estúpida. É como falar que as pessoas tem que ser livres: se quiserem entrar num shopping atirando em todo mundo, liberdade dela

  19. Vc nem ninguém entendeu oq eu disse, ainda citei The Boys, mas parece q tbm não entenderam The Boys

  20. Vc entende que se eu nem ninguém entendeu o que você disse, o problema é como/o que foi dito, né?

  21. :( Really wanted to see Jospem in the finals

  22. Si, existe. Soy brasilenho, tengo que tener cuidado cuando hablo de Paraguay s2

  23. Caraca, nunca pensei nisso, mas deve ser assim mesmo. Meio que lembra crédito social

  24. Kante has the polar opposite attitude Mbappe showed on this post

  25. I really wanna see this video can you link it to me OP or someone please, fuck

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