1. If we don't start (in the U.S. at least) even acknowledging the current problems and work for solutions, it'll take something similar to the French Revolution to win back some humane treatment for the displaced.

  2. We call 'soda pop' by the noun, not the adjective.

  3. Harmless fun promoting literacy and respectful tolerance.

  4. It's hard to tell under all the price gouging.

  5. Why would the politics of an entire damn country collapse at once???

  6. It's not all at once... It moves slowly, and usually starts by villifying minority groups (immigrants, LGBT+, etc.).

  7. 'Don't Download This Song.' He put this up on his website as a free download as a response to Metallica's lawsuit of Napster.

  8. As a cheap imitation of Jethro Tull, they never really caught on. And even Jethro Tull was kind of a one hit wonder.

  9. Aqualung (great song, horribly wrong lyrics), Locomotive Breath (great song, great lyrics), Thick as a Brick....

  10. Any/all. Since they've kept Cox's Daredevil, they need to keep the rest. Yes, even Danny Rand (this time with better prep time, writing, and direction).

  11. The first Forza Horizon was full of fantastic tracks. As far as original songs, 5 games/franchises come to mind: Final Fantasy (7 and 10 are my favorites), Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (and Green if you're in Japan), The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Halo (especially Halo 2), and Destiny.

  12. Squaresoft games in general.... Don't sleep on the bangers in Chrono Trigger.

  13. The point is: She has stated that she veiws her continuing residuals as support of her bigotry.

  14. Killing the avatar Ost would have killed Ost alone. The Spirit Tortoise would still have rampaged on, but without Naofumi having Ost as a guide and helper, it might have reached Melomarc before it was stopped.

  15. If that artist is still alive, making money off their art, and using said money to spread harm through bigotry and ignorance, there is no separating the art from the artist. Spending on that product or franchise is doing active harm.

  16. My hairline... I can't even see it anymore.

  17. How to learn. I.E. techniques for finding, verifying, and correlating information, and building it all into an informed opinion.

  18. There is a strong correlation between mass shootings and prescribed psychotropic drugs. I think that is a good starting point. People are prescribed anxiety and depression medications like it’s candy. That is step 1. Step 2 is figuring out the underlying cause of why so many people are anxious and depressed.

  19. The soaring stock market created by stripping the actual economy is why so many people are anxious and depressed.

  20. It's a complex issue, especially given the intentionally vague language of the 2nd Amendment, but things that would help are:

  21. Society"s stupid systems. I'm my eyes there is no difference. It's just sexism.

  22. Hmm.. we say the same thing in different ways, you get upvoted, I get downvoted.

  23. As far as being 'legal' and systemic? Getting paid less than a living wage for a 40 hour week.

  24. Congenital Billionaire/Trillionaire.

  25. When laws are being passed that will both directly(blocked access to hormone treatments for trans people who've had the surgeries), and indirectly(suicide, hate crimes, and unjust incarceration in the wrong prisons), cause trans peoples' deaths, the pendulum is too far to the Right.

  26. If they slow down before they catch up with costs, it's only going to help the .01%'ers... The rest of us will continue the 40-year plus economic slide we've been stuck on.

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