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  1. I haven’t had WLS. However! My therapist provides bariatric journey support and I think it’s incredible that she does!

  2. I love this! Will check on this for sure. It’s awesome see a Black woman leading in this space. Much needed.

  3. Your Detroit library card gives you access to thousands of books from apps like Libby and Hoopla

  4. Not just books, but audiobooks, movies, comics, graphic novels, etc.

  5. Yes! I have read comics and magazines using the apps too! I think it really helps to level the field. If you’ve got a phone and a library card, you can be exposed to so much cool content!

  6. This is available for all Michigan library association associated libraries. It’s fun to see how different libraries even offer different access on various apps. I still have my old card and new from when I moved around. You’re right, It’s such a cool benefit!

  7. I hear you and acknowledge your stress. If you’re up for a shift, maybe transition your insights and passion in to the macro or mezzo space. You’re on the ground and grassroots lens is needed in various venues across the ecosystem besides only direct practice. Macro social work is not easy but the vicarious trauma and burnout is often much less. Just a thought.

  8. I've been wanting to switch to macro or mezzo. I really can't do micro work anymore. Do you work in macro or mezzo? I'm trying to make the transition but struggle with what jobs to look for, figuring out my transferable skills, etc.

  9. 120 clients to me would denote great portfolio/project management skills. Nonprofits, administration, grant writing, evaluation/data. All areas I see case managers having expertise in. Also real lived experience and not just from theoretical or passive exposure. Also opportunities for research if you still have relationships with former professors or your graduate program still. Also board experience r can connect you with more advanced practitioners or others with access to networks.

  10. They found cancer in my mother when reviewing a PET scan for a totally different ailment being assessed (which she had to move heaven and earth to obtain). It was a blessing in disguise. We would have never known most likely until too late. I myself now get an MRI with dye, mammogram and extensive physical breast exam each year by cancer specialists. Insurance almost denied me but as high risk it’s now covered. Early detection is key to prevention.

  11. job related - Recently learned the “Asana project management tool” at my new job after mainly working in Trello, Microsoft Project and old reliable Excel. Also excited to start the PMP certification process soon. I often have imposter syndrome as I come from a macro social work orientation and more of a generalist. Excited to transfer my skills and add value across various content and work streams!

  12. The Gen Z young ladies are on another level! Love their confidence and style.

  13. So they went 1300 miles to Joshua Tree but didn’t just go the extra 130 miles to go to LA and be on the beach?

  14. Was she actually drinking at her wedding 10 weeks pregnant?? She looked inebriated.

  15. I looked up the list of acts and there were tons of performers never mentioned. There were also multiple stages as well.

  16. Yes, I was there. I spent a ton of time at the second stage catching bands like Sevendust, a very early Godsmack with only 1 album out, Megadeth, etc. There was a ton missing from the doc. I will say that energy during break stuff by Limp was insane and that intensity stayed hot for Rage and Metallica. I was drained by that point. I Can't believe people had the energy to rave all night after that, but then again...drugs are a hell of a drug

  17. If I recall correctly - i was in grade school in the 90’s in the US: 1 - Car accident; 1 - overdoses; 1-shot and killed

  18. I think if MJ was here and had social media he would repost this.

  19. If this is a trend on this sub I’m all for it! Whew this looks sooooo good.

  20. Awesome beat!…and what anime is this? The representation is awesome.

  21. Love your post! By the time the shine wears off on the process, it’s rarer to see real honest updates after a few years out. I’m 12 years out and it’s a daily journey.

  22. Confused about this. So if I paid off FFEL loans a few years back that were from undergrad but worked a non-profit job before grad school and took out direct loans later could I use payments made toward FFEL to direct?

  23. My loans are strictly from my undergrad years. I haven’t taken out loans since 2006. My grad program was via tuition assistance so no loans, no cost. I’ve been paying collectively on my undergrad loans since 2007 to current.

  24. Well any payments you made on those Navient loans from 10/2007 onward while working full-time for a qualified employer will eventually count once the waiver is applied. It's just that you can't get forgiveness on the other loan because it's already paid off but it sounds like you had both loans at the same time so it really makes no difference in your case, you should still have the same number of payments.

  25. I'm a bit confused, while you were in grad school your Perkins loans should have been in an in-school deferment same as your undergraduate loans. They should have been at 0% in-school deferment (thanks to the Perkins program subsidies) with no payment required the entire time you were enrolled in grad school for the same time period that your FFELP loans didn't require payment, so I'm a bit confused at the timeline here

  26. Thanks for the points. It helps me in how to explain it better. It’s a bit of a wonky if a scenario.

  27. So under the waiver it's not about making payments entirely? Even if your Perkins loans were still around I don't believe you would have gotten credits if you were in school intermittently between 2015-2019. As per

  28. I think a gap on a woman is so beautiful. My mother had a gap and she shined like the sun. You look great!

  29. PIPs are bullshit, once you get one it's just a matter of time before they pull the plug on you. The only point of a PIP is to document that they "tried" to "do something" for an amount of time before having to fire you. I have never known one single case (including myself) of a PIP not ending in a termination, if the person didn't quit first.

  30. I’ve seen two folks survive PIPs by loading in “supports” and metrics that required resources to obtain. Trainings, mentorship, over a set amount of time. Of course they knocked it out the park and demonstrated their competency wasn’t the issue, it was the staffing relationship. So they were able to stay and just move to a different department and flourished and subsequently promoted. Basically they proved it wasn’t them, it was the match that was the issue all along.

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