1. LOL do you know what 99.99% is? That means something bad happens only 1 time out of TEN THOUSAND times.

  2. Sometimes the bell rung long ago you just couldn't hear it because you were out cold.

  3. Watch the episode that shows chapter 139 every day for 10 years at least(10 days)

  4. Getting old is a privilege that lots of people don't get to have :7336:

  5. Teenage years > adulthood so 👎

  6. Are teenage years actually better than adulthood? Mine have been pretty bad so far

  7. Yeah when I was 13, but I was a bit drunk so it's hard to fully remember. And I stopped drinking after realising how dumb I was being

  8. You're 14 and you "only" got 1 gf? Man if this is how the world actually is I really need to step up my game.

  9. Lk I got a best friend who thinks this way and who wasted a lot of his teens and he did waste some of his early 20s now. Mf is nearing his late 20s and all he does is complain and I kind of noticed that he watches a lot of tv. Like he was raised on tv and he thinks life is like a movie, and I’m like bro stop thinking that life is a movie or a tv show and it’s supposed to have like a certain structure to it. Like just go out there and do shit and you’ll be good

  10. This is something I worry about, too, but I'm 16 so I'm currently still in the middle of it. I've had some conversations about this before, and I think the first step is to stop comparing yourself to others. You need to fully accept that your life is unique and that you're on your own timeline.

  11. tbh youre making me feel more depressed about my shitty life. I hate my existence

  12. Shit sorry. I mean, I don't do any of that stuff myself. I just do my own thing most of the time. I just don't wanna mess things up. If it's ok to ask, why do you feel depressed about it? I want to help

  13. What if u missed the teen years and didn't have a good high school experience, im in college rn also, don't have any long term friends or a boyfriend.

  14. Even though I worry about it, there's still tons more life to live after school and being a teenager. And if you weren't ready to come out before now, you shouldn't feel bad about it. You have to live your own timeline.

  15. The Achilles is especially fucked up. Spoken to a few people who've experienced it and they all say it sounds like just like you said or like a gunshot and you can actually feel the tendon snap and shrivel up your leg like a broken elastic band.

  16. That pulled at the heart strings thanks😭❤️

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