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  1. I feel our rebounding is to blame. Can't give the Warriors multiple attempts in the offensive end.

  2. Imagine if Reggie Bullock had made 4 of 10 instead of 0.

  3. "How does this dang thing work?" lmao

  4. You're telling me he's only going to score 15 points??

  5. idunno man but if you could douse that with gasoline and light it on fire for me I'd really appreciate it

  6. Hardest thing about tank is that you're responsible for the route -- so you need to really know the dungeons, all the pulls to do and how to adapt to affixes.

  7. Bothell is really cute. Kirkland is too expensive for what you get. Alderwood Manor is Lynwood and gross.

  8. When I hear testy and nasty Draymond is the first player that comes to mind

  9. he can be a teenie testy nasty but he's doing his bestie to not kick testes like the resty

  10. I am discussing with some Ancap about the insulin crisis and he said it is all the governmant fault, he says that i am to prideful while saying that he knows everthing about the market LOL

  11. sounds like a fairly retarded convo all around

  12. These Warriors really play beautiful basketball.

  13. I'm new to Edmonds, but is there any way for residents to fight this? It just seems so cruel.

  14. Sure, welcome the homeless into your house.

  15. This guy moves so weird, he can't be stopped.

  16. Anyone make out what he’s saying there? Almost looks chippy.

  17. Looked to me like "go fuck yourself"

  18. Not surprising at all. Before his hip injury he was compared to KD.

  19. How many beers does it take for Boban to get drunk?

  20. Imagine getting your feelings hurt this much over a random “fuck you”

  21. LMAO they were praying for an excuse

  22. Okay bud I think you're gonna look better by:

  23. Do the Lands End hike. Chill for a minute at Sutro Baths and go through the tunnel. Do the detours:

  24. Matt Barnes is right but Pat Bev entertaining as hell.

  25. Pat Bev is speaking facts. Steph put Dellevedova in the hospital on an iv after a finals game.

  26. Hate Pat Bev as a player but he's entertaining as hell on TV.

  27. Lots of people trying to find a new roommate to take a spot in their apartment. You might also consider landing in Oakland and seeing if you really want to be in SF.

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