1. Historically it would be EST, LV, LT, Koningsberg, and maybe Germany as the Prussian lands were originally in Koningsberg.

  2. Looks like one of those Norwegian prisons

  3. The ultimate form of cancel culture. What a pathetic vile country.

  4. Lmao "cancel culture". If you want to have a discussion about russia over here, you can. You would have all the available information about russia's history and the present. And if you would choose russia, that choice would simply reflect your values. Unfortunatly for some, Lithuanian values are against breaking deals, raping, pillaging, interfering in other countries politics, conquering democratic nations, spreading misinformation and so on. If those are your values, we simply don't want you to be able to call yourself a Lithuanian. You can have them, just fuck off.

  5. I get it. You can have that discussion as long as you have the allowed opinion, otherwise you get punished. Basically you are becoming more authoritarian than Russia. What a pathetic excuse for a country.

  6. Opinions about countries like russia can and have easily turned into actions. If you encourage harm of others, you should be punished. I do not see anything bad in this logic.

  7. I sometimes have had his issue. But there is a closed issue in github related to your problem.

  8. Sr, I'm a newbie with Android modding. So you're telling me that, if I do set up shizuku through pc, it will work regardless of my network? Even on mobile data?

  9. Yes, it should work. But restarting your phone will stop Shizuku regardless of conditions.

  10. That's fine. I was starting to worry that my play now ambient music mod would only work at home. Thanks, I'll try this later

  11. That is pretty odd but yes link is dead - best is to check at their Github project as that is being actively updated I see, and maybe an issue was logged there about it -

  12. Hey, do you know if there is a way to keep shizuku from disconnecting every time I leave my wifi?

  13. Atsakymas, kad n pinigu nesimeto iskart parodo kas man nepatinka su musu valstybes valdimu. Iskart atsiradus problemai kisamos subsidijos o ne reguliuojamos teises pardavejams.

  14. Kad ir kiek man asmeniškai ši sąjungą patinka labiau nei opozicija, čia yra labai geras pastebėjimas (nors, deja, ir nemanau, jog opozicija kažką geriau susigriebtu).

  15. A lot of freeloaders in this alliance. And what's saddening is that there are rich countries that are freeloading too. Whereas countries that are poor and face active threats (Estonia, Greece, Lithuania) all punch way above their weight.

  16. I wouldn't call these 3 poor, but yeah, it would be nice if our allies had proportional militaries

  17. I totally agree, but I do believe that the Biden administration precipitated a hatred of Russia which made the war a lot more accelerated, violent and careless than if the USA had been making comments of diplomatic regard rather than street slander.

  18. Hear this from russia's neighbour: russia was always like that. I don't think there was anything to accelerate, so Biden maybe misbehaved a little.

  19. I wonder if we won't go to using hydrogen and fuel cells in the end? Using batteries starts to feel as dead end.

  20. If you don't drive a car daily you don't even know how terrible the roads are in Vilnius especially

  21. Solution: don't use your car daily. Especially not in the city center, which Zuokas wanted to turn into a big road. If possible, you can also work from home. The more cars - the worse it is for the city overall.

  22. So you are saying to people who live not in city center but in outskirts of Vilnius to just not use cars? Yeah that will never happen you know why? Because there are no bike roads, no pedestrian roads on half of outskirts only way to get to work is to walk on road where cars drive or to go by a filled bus

  23. Can someone explain to me how tf is Israel doing so good on all statistics? Are they not in a genocidal war with Palestine or sth?

  24. They are diffrent. Also whats wrong with remembering fallen soldiers?

  25. Yeah, SS legion came a about as a consiquence of russian occupation. They main cause for it was the slimmer of hope for independance

  26. Hard to tell tbh. Lithuanians are culturally much closer to Poles tho, so it's interesting to see such a big difference on the map. As for the ethnic Estonians, they are culturally similar to Finns (Baltic Finns represent), just a bit more outgoing in comparison. Latvians, at least for me, are culturally closer to Estonians than Lithuanians. Still, they do their own thing. So who knows what's actually going on :))

  27. I mean, how are Latvians closer to Poles tho? Latvians in general were heavily influenced by local Germans and Livonians (Finno-Ugric peoples). It can even be seen in the language. Especially how they place stress on the first syllable - same as in other Finnic languages. On top of that, Latvians seem much more reserved than Lithuanians or Poles.

  28. That's fair! I keep forgetting it's not Lithuania, its republic of Lithuania. Anyways the only Lithuania that I care about is Mažoji Lietuva

  29. The number of men and women in Latvia in each age range.

  30. Underestimating your enemy is a mistake you shouldn't do.

  31. Overestimating is amistake aswell. Russia is using more and more of it's military and overall power in Ukraine. It is expanding it's demographic crisis to make sure russia starts becoming weak.

  32. If Kaliningrad was not Russian, what would it be? Now. Lithuania or Poland?

  33. The northern part of Kaliningrad was always a crucial part of Lithuanian culture. We called it "Little Lithuania".

  34. Even though I'm Slavic, I have to say that this used to be a beautiful land. Russia turned into one of the ugliest places in the world.

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