1. Yeah, got excited and then saw the price. I just grabbed a bunch of pps kits for $90 with barrels a few weeks back. Granted, the receivers were trash, but they had good foreends to go with all my other kits that had ruined ones. That suomi kit is basically worthless other than the handguard and stock

  2. These will work in the Mac daddy! Before you print the receiver though shoot me a copy of the cad and I will make a minor modification for you. The trunnions on our gen1 uppers (pictured) are just slightly longer than the vmac ones, so some people have had to file their print down to create some more clearance.

  3. Shoot me a message and I'll see what I can do to help you out. There have been some issues with these gen1 uppers, which have all been fixed on gen2 which is dropping soon.

  4. Customer part is roughly 12mm OD tubing that's reamed and parted. Parts come out fine, but I'm trying to find a better way to deburr these as I'm looking at running >1000 of these. I have a right hand parting tool, and can deburr one side easily, but the part off side always leaves a small burr. Any tips/tricks?

  5. Do you have an insert part off tool? You can get inserts with 6-15 degree lead angle. Basically it cuts the side that's getting parted off before it breaks free.

  6. Yep! Thats what I was planning on running, but need to get the rest of the small burr off. Ime they still leave some about of burr and I can't really hand deburr >1000 parts

  7. Bud, those have been listed as out of stock and unavailanle for almost 2 years. I regularly comment about being an ffl 07 and sot 02. Get over yourself and stop trolling folks who are contributing to the community.

  8. What version Mod9 V2 or V3 where you attempting to print? Could you share more information on what slicer and the settings you used? What was the name of the stl you printed? Trying to find out if this a reproducible issue.

  9. This looks like one of mussy's "airsoft" variants he uses to test things since he's in a prohibited country. OP should verify what file he is printing.

  10. You either have to print one or use unistrut if you don't want to wait for a $350 jig to come back in stock on RTG

  11. Agreed! I'd much rather print one for a 1 time use, just wasn't sure if those files were public or not

  12. Just buy the Aves one if you need one. I ordered stuff from guy on ebay and the rails were terrible.

  13. Can't vouch for his rails, but will vouch for his bolts. These are great quality compared to Aves (which ironically were out of spec) and we will be carrying them going forward.

  14. Aves seems to have been selling them for a while and I don't see anyone complaining. Obviously you would shill for the guy who's making parts your selling.

  15. Would I sell parts I didn't believe in? Aves made a batch that had oos charging handle holes that wouldn't fit properly on Mac charging handles. Regardless, checking your post history it looks like you made your reddit account specifically to troll JC and fosscad, I'm gonna wish you a good night and move on.

  16. Doesn’t look like it’s preventing much rust for you.

  17. This has to do with the lack of oil from previous owner, theres no coolant in this gear box. Rest of the machine is gtg, just dirty since we had just finished a run of parts.

  18. Check out cncrepairman on Instagram. Dude is super helpful and knows haas well!

  19. I would shoot them an email, they respond quickly and are super easy to work with!

  20. Yeah it was a pretty casual "oh its 3dp"-move on type mention. I wouldn't have caught it if I wasn't looking

  21. It's definitely doable, I've messed with doing it to a mod9 or kc9 lower. You'd have to create some sort of end cap, some rails for the sides, and then move it about an inch further forward from where you have it to line up with the telescoping barrel.

  22. You laugh, but I almost built a water retention (basically just a heat sink tank) shroud for the nylaug when I melted it in FA

  23. For thermal resistance try Polyamide6 dried as much as possible post-print, soaked in sodium silicate to saturation, and then simultaneously cured/annealed. At 100-105 °C (212-221 °F), sodium silicate begins to cure, losing water molecules to form a solid glass with a remelt temperature above 810 °C (1,490 °F). Saturation of super hygroscopic material like PA6 allows for solidifying impregnated glass throughout, or at least penetrates deeply enough for thermal resistance to no longer be of concern, rather than just being an exterior sealant.

  24. Oh that's interesting... I may have to try this, where can I find more information on this?

  25. I love pla+ for prototyping. It's awesome! But in hot environments it fails. I've melted pla+ guns both in the sun and after extended firing (FA/3rd burst, I'm an sot) so now if it's structural I prototype in pla+ and then reprint in cf nylon. I also really like resin printing for detail and tight tolerance parts like mag catches

  26. This was an extremely rough proof of concept. Took about 5 minutes with a file and a die grinder, so there's that. If I do get this figured out, I'll likely CAD up a bolt/nut and jus bring it to my local machine shop. Not like they are gonna be able to tell what it is.

  27. Yeah, I've considered that, and that could be quite disastrous. What would be ideal is have 2 threads of different width, that way it can only rotate when it's fully seated.

  28. Better idea: make the chassis and bolt handle only close when in position. Bolt handle can't turn until it meets a slot in the chassis

  29. Still kicking! The main dev took a break to focus on the AUG project. We've fixed some geometry issues and I've got an open bolt version running. We have a closed bolt semi-auto version now, and a printed ar15 lower. As mentioned before, one of the issues is getting semi-auto bolts, so hopefully in a month or two I'll get the setup finished to do conversions

  30. I'm not gonna lie, I'm confused as to how that will help, but I am intrigued!

  31. It was a penny. For a few months I’d get drunk and make multiple preorders and see weird one cent charges

  32. sick, i had to wait like 3 months before i could nab one from velocity, question you wouldn't happen to have an stl file for the bolt would you, I am trying to make it work with a certain trigger group and need to modify it

  33. They filed their patent for it. There may be models released for it soon with their blessing.

  34. I'd 100% expect inconel to work just as well. It's very common in aerospace and nuclear fields.

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