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  1. “Watch these guys get fucking wrecked lol”

  2. I'm thankful for RT giving us the insane El Toro ending

  3. Seriously. RT hill into those S turns is just soooo damn good.

  4. I buy all my gear from Dan Flashes, it help me flash your proj.

  5. If only CF and RMC didn’t hate each other. Or maybe they ironed out their issues given that whole WOF Raptor thing

  6. Essentially, the 2nd Gen RMC trains suck. They are constantly having issues and the prototypes on SteVe and TwiTim are bad. Meanwhile the ones on Railblazer aren’t much better.

  7. Are the trains on SteVe and Twisted Timbers different than the trains on Wicked Cyclone?

  8. Is this the 2nd of 2 titan tracks this year?

  9. I know I shouldn’t complain because a B&M is a B&M; it’s just too bad that this element (for what it is) seems like a huge waste of speed after a giga first drop, height (climb) and track length/ground space. If Orion instead had a Mako/Candymonium-ish 5+ second air time camelback after the first drop and then a wave turn later on in the layout after the speed hill where the train is closer to the ground and hauling, I just think that would make for a more standout layout/ride.

  10. Who the hell talks in emojjis instead of using em as a reaction or laughing thing

  11. It just doesn’t feel right for parks to close before sundown.

  12. Even with FL+ there may be a chance you don’t get everything in. But without i know 100% you won’t. Fl+ is a must and you should prioritize the big rides like SteVe Maverick Millenium Valravn and whatever else you want. For sure go to steve first tho

  13. Seconding that even with FL+, I’m not sure OP will be able to do everything on a Saturday of a holiday weekend (weather permitting).

  14. I seriously doubt it would be NE seceding but rather the South seceding once again.

  15. Seriously. That joke slays me, the rest of it isn’t funny in the slightest.

  16. I would say that SFNE Superman is criminally underrated by many enthusiasts. While many people give the ride its credit for having an all time layout, it often get breezed over because of its chunky new restraints. I think that those complaints are valid, but I didn’t find them to be any worse than than restraints on other popular coasters like Skyrush at Hershey.

  17. I’m right there with you on all fronts. Back row on SFNE Superman is unreal. Hoping the park can replace the current trains with the new Intamin trains.

  18. Imagine having to sit through a coaster that doesn't even have a 270,0° Double Inverting Corner Stall smh

  19. They are making it 690.69 ft tall and calling it the return of fast funny number coaster

  20. Or dropping it to 420.69 ft and calling it Twerk: the Ride

  21. Say what you like about the Wendy's account but nobody has even come close to it's "intern with no oversight" sense of authenticity. Like, if Wendy's was a B the next closest is a D

  22. Imagine being Lindsey Graham aka Lady Graham and losing your two oldest friends (Biden & McCain) just to sit at the altar of Donald Trump.

  23. The GOP politicians and contributors are disingenuous. The people that vote for the GOP are stupid.

  24. They do this (co-opt) with everything they’re guilty of - see: groomer, insurrection, pedophilia etc.

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