1. Can confirm I put 32GB in the Legion 5.

  2. How big of a pad do I need in CM for an AMD 5900x?

  3. The pad comes in different sizes. You can purchase a larger one and cut it so it fits your cpu. Make sure to cover the whole ihs.

  4. UPDATE I have ordered the PTM7950 thermal pad from AliExpress and installed it accordingly using the instructions provided by Honeywell. Thermals are excellent and better than they were when the laptop was new. When I just got the laptop, the CPU was peaking at 69w then going down a bit during a cinebench r15 run. Now it peaks at 73.4w and then stabilises at 69w. I just got the highest number of points in r15, 1979cb, and the CPU temp peaked at 80.3C. When the laptop was brand new the highest it got was 1924cb.

  5. You have one spare ram slot and one spare m.2 nvme slot. Upgrading to 16gb/32gb ram it's very cheap. I have the same model but with the older r7 4800H. I upgraded mine with another 8gb 3200mhz cl22 stick and another 1tb ssd.

  6. Some older external HDDs have a standard laptop hdd with a sata to usb adaptor. If that's the case, you can try to get the hdd out of the enclosure and put it inside the PS3.

  7. Measure the battery health with OnePlus diagnostic tool. You can find the APK on Google.

  8. Some gaming laptops only allow external screens on full Nvidia mode. Pop!_OS will run in hybrid mode by default.

  9. Thank you for answering! You mean disabling the igpu and only using the Nvidia one? I didn't disable the ipgu. The laptop is running in hibrid mode.

  10. While the CPU definitely would help, it may also be of use to double check by running the Task Manager. If the CPU is stuck at 100% then definitely, however with more and more apps being tied to GPUs, a weak graphics processor could have similar issues.

  11. mprz says:

    3770s yes, 3770 no. 65W vs 95W difference

  12. My 7t is 2 years and 8 months old. My battery health is at 87%.

  13. Don't change the thermal paste :))). The stuff Lenovo puts in Legions is a phase changing thermal paste from Honeywell. Very hard to find. I repasted my laptop after a few months and it was a mistake :)). Tried Cooler master mastergel maker, AS5, MX4, Kryonaut. They don't come even close to the stock paste.

  14. Got a greencell charger for my Lenovo legion 5. 170w, 20v, 8.5A. I had it for about a week and it works as it should so far. It doesn't get hot, the fast charging option on my laptop works as expected and the laptop is stable under full load. Comparing to the OEM one, this one is a LOT bigger in size and a LOT heavier. For me this is not a problem since I bought it for when I'm home and I'm carrying the Lenovo one in my backpack. Got the charger for 36€. I'm pretty happy with my purchase.

  15. This thread is a year old but I’ll add to it anyway. Lenovo uses shin-Etsu x23-7783D if I am not mistaken. Def not generic by any means.

  16. Thank you for your response sir. Just saw your reply. I don't visit Reddit very often. I did found a thermal paste that is better than the stock one. It is cooler master mastergel maker and it also passed the test of time. With MX4 the temps were good at first, but after some couple of weeks the CPU would boil again. I suspect this happens because MX4 is a wet thermal paste and it tends to shift around. Mastergel maker is dry as the one Lenovo applies on laptops. The CPU maxes out at around 86C on Cinebench R15 and it reaches a much higher tdp (71w peak). R15 score: 1929cb

  17. Change the thermal paste. On gaming laptops, thicker thermal paste is recommended. On my legion 5 I have tested Arctic mx4, Arctic silver 5, Kryonaut and Cooler master mastergel maker. Out all of them, cooler master mastergel maker performed the best and passed the test of time. It is thick af and a little tricky to spread, but if applied right it is a great performer. Keep us updated OP on what you end up doing to your laptop ✌️.

  18. dam i mean i could replace the thermal paste myself by watching youtube videos but id rather have a pro do it instead my laptop came with liquid metal compound on both cpu and gpu i think if not gpu cpu for sure ...i heard liquid metal replacing it is preety dangerous and could fry through brass and burn out your components if not added properly

  19. You can suck up the lm with a syringe and a qtip. If you can get all the liquid metal off the CPU and heatsink then there is no risk of a short circuit. Then apply a good thermal paste. You can try the one I mentioned. Liquid metal doesn't behave well over time on laptops. If I were you, I would do this operation myself. I don't really trust repair shops with lm. You can find yt videos on how to clean lm. Good luck fam! ✌️

  20. Can you elaborate because this update makes me want to cry. It's so.... Kiddish looking.

  21. What I did was the complicated method. Meanwhile there has been made a file which can be flashed via the default updater app. I think you can find it very easily on Google. It downgrades the phone to Beta 09 on OOS10. I have been using this beta version for a couple of months and it works great. The only bug that can be easily fixed is the Dolby Atmos which can be replaced with a ported version from the Razer Phone.

  22. Oxygen is gone. It was a best thing on oneplus and they gave it up. I cant understand why

  23. I know. Why would Oppo develop 2 different Android forks for 2 similar devices when they can develop only one? Why keep OnePlus only for the enthusiasts when they can profit from its popularity and status symbol that formed back when it used to be a flagship killer brand? Basically Oppo is exploiting all the leverage the OnePlus brand made over the years to increase profits, not realizing that all they're doing is pushing away the majority of buyers that used to love their devices.

  24. I found out that syscon is a bit conservative when it comes to noise and ramps up the fan only after the console gets pretty toasty. I set my console from webman to have its fan's minimum state at 30% and a max temp at 70°C. Now my PS3 slim stays constantly at 30% when playing less demanding games and only ramps up its fan when I play AAA games like Uncharted or The Last of Us, to keep the temperature under 70°C. I find it to be less annoying to have the fan run constant at a certain speed than listen to it ramp up and down while playing a game. Also it's healthier for the console as well.

  25. I have isolated the problem. I have booted up Linux mint on my laptop, installed the necessary firmware for the Xbox tuner and installed Kaffeine. I am experiencing the same behavior on the Linux machine paired with the Xbox tuner as with the RspPi running tvheadend. Now I'm searching for a high quality USB tuner. I'm thinking that every USB tuner that has Linux drivers should work just fine with tvheadend. Thank you guys for your support!

  26. I have the same issue. I'm also using a RPi4, an Xbox One Tuner and DVB-C. Some channels work better than other and I'm also getting transport errors.

  27. I checked. Mine is also about 70%. Would changing the tv tuner with a higher quality one resolve the problem? I got this one because there was a great deal at that time and I managed to grab it for around 5$. I read on the internet that more people buy this tuner to use it with tvheadend than with an Xbox.

  28. I think it's better to start from scratch than trying to debug later if something doesn't work ✌️. I listed all the steps you need to make to use your router with openwrt as a WiFi extender to your Asus router. Hope I didn't miss anything. Good luck sir 😁

  29. Hope you have a security torx 8 to fully clean it up. Give it some new thermal paste too and he will be mute exept for disc reading noises

  30. Those torx can be taken out with a small flat head screw driver. They aren't tightened hard. ✌️

  31. My slim PS3 only displays up to 1080i with a "normal" priced cables. In my case, I got my console to display in 1080p only with a long ass, thick, shielded cable with golden connectors which I had laying around. Ps3s tend to be quite finicky with cheap HDMI cables.

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