1. Contrary to the scary name, to my understanding Death Cult Mexico pales in comparison easily to the New Guard Goldshirts they revolt against.

  2. My strategy for Germany, should apply for other Majors as well

  3. To my understanding, isn’t the puppet navy trick obsolescence’s by now with new peace conferences?, as for infantry equipment I have heard it is better in practice to leave a few miles on full efficiency on the previous tier to ensure good stockpiles, if so how many?

  4. Ik, still, why remove it, while keeping other memey path?

  5. I can’t remember the specifics, but I think we may have wanted to use him somewhere else in the future

  6. Feds won but got trolled by Monarchist NEE probably

  7. literally 2 updates coming soon based in europe

  8. This is an old bug that has been fixed on github, remove_idea LEP_german_governmentb2 LEP_german_governmenta2

  9. Have you tried abandoning the front and holding up along the river? That’s usually the line to hold and break them.

  10. I usually also forgo annexing the baltics to shorten the front, I find thats its much more valuable than the few factories I get, Especially since the Axis seemingly never land in Leningrad

  11. Memes about Savinkov being Spiridonova simp when???

  12. Don't be silly, she's already tied with Bukharin

  13. A classic suggestion is always the funny Ungern, world conquest material and open ended conquest, otherwise any Russia is a similar experience, you could also get good mileage out of Bohemia

  14. Thanks Bethesda, I like Doom but you saved me money by being in my to pirate list.

  15. With every day, the industry issues another silent advocacy of a five finger discount

  16. For virtually all paths, what you want is to hit Ma Clique first, I'll be assuming an Ungern playthrough here so after rushing down the appropriate parts of his military tree (His guard) and allying tibet(you can just betray them later, I wouldn't, but you can) you should be able to take Xinjiang and Ma Clique out with ease, from there China has already exploded and it shouldn't be enormously difficult to pick off the weaker cliques one by one, or even just decapitate Beijing immediately after Shanxi.

  17. You messed up the borders of some Chinese cliques, most notably Sichuan area, Belarus is missing a state to Russia, Transamur should have the state next to lake Baikal, Kuban is probalbly more fitting to have the big state owned by Mountain Republic, Kentucky should be in COR's hands as should Roanoke iirc, Austria Occupies venice and Ma clique owns Suiyuan.

  18. So is there any reason to stay with Falkenhausen? Sorry for the questions

  19. What he said, wasn't Krupp Specific, you can become the Qing or puppet them as either AOG variants, the distinction between the two of them is just flavor

  20. Sorry, but i was referring to the path as the League of Eight Provinces

  21. Be holsum 100 to the Chinese when you first take over as AOG then do Falkenhausen's focus

  22. With Summoning with extra effects, what is the interaction with 2 path spells?, Specifically MA Tien chi summoning celestial soldiers, does it confer extra soldiers from both paths or only the one which is relevant to the gems?

  23. The rhetoric that you and the other modders doing significant work to make these games good “have it easy”, because the framework is already there, is ridiculous.

  24. I've said it once, I'll say it again, if game source codes were available to the public, we'd see an absurd number of developers go out of business from the sheer potency of what passionate modders would be capable of.

  25. I'm sorry OP, but everyone in this thread is WRONG and SMELLY

  26. iirc a Polish friend tells me that the stereotype is that all of Podlaisie lives in the stoneage

  27. Wait Germany is hard? It was the first country I ever played and I felt it was too easy, I steamrolled everyone really easily

  28. I'd think that recent DLC changes have made it alot harder for a new player, between having to know how to design good tanks, managing supply and now changes to planes

  29. I've tried the Master of Strategy mod and to be honest my reception of it would be mixed.

  30. Thanks for some info about that mod. Do you have experience with any other mod you would recommend be it an overhaul like Master of Strategy or some lighter mod?

  31. I've always used mods that make the seasons into a 12 turn cycle, so that winter isn't so easily ignored, and for more vanilla playthroughs there is a mod that replaces the fickle fire by rank with kneel fire, not as authentic but it seems to be more easy to wrangle.

  32. Unrelated but do you know where the uploader of this video went?, he's been AWOL for 2 years at this point and I miss his nation overviews

  33. I actually don't like direct control, it would make it a boring RTS again, have the AI duke it out. That's fun.

  34. Man, I'm afraid I just can't agree with the ai control when I lose a battle because every mage in my army decides that its a better idea to cast a spell of tiredness on the regenerating enemy demigod and thus completely immobilize and killing all my troops around it rather than casting something useful.

  35. Oh really? I thought there were only three Mafia countries that could join?

  36. The invite by tree version of the AOB is quite old, and it can now be formed by the others by decision, and at that time the others were also added as options

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