1. Homie named their torkoal after a volcano that killed thousands. 💀💀💀

  2. To be fair, I have a little cousin who named his Charizard Adolf Hitler, and a Gyarados named Stalin, so……

  3. It’s too useless that it’s not in the tier list…..IDK…..

  4. I actually ended up choosing sprigitato but i did end up getting a fuecoco from a surprise trade so i plan on using him too

  5. Boltund. I love Yamper, too! I know that they aren’t the best competitively, but I love both of their designs and Boltund is still useable. Boltund is a Pokémon I get on every Sword and Shield playthrough.

  6. I love this Pokémon so much, it’s everything Boltund wishes it could be

  7. I did love Boltund a lot back in Gen 8, I got it every playthrough, but I honestly think I like Dachsbun even more! Only a bit though….

  8. Bruh, that isn’t a normal world; it is ran by Adolf Hitler! 💀

  9. you deffinitely have cheats, keepinventory is on

  10. I thought I was the only person who actually used keep inventory……this is great that I find someone who won’t discriminate because I use keep inventory.

  11. It looks way better than anything I could make, at least, in survival! So yeah, it looks incredible! Amazing!

  12. I also experience the same thing in my bedrock survival server on my switch. I built a Nether portal, and it leads directly into a nether fortress. So, whenever I attempt to go through the portal, it takes forever to load, and the blazes kill before I even load in! I tried different things to try to make it load faster, but nothing really worked.

  13. Coal because it is replaceable with both lava and wood depending on your usage, and honestly just doesn’t have that many important uses in my opinion that can’t be easily replaced with wood or wood planks.

  14. you can replace coal with lava as long as you have dripstone and make coal using wood if you need torches

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