1. How about some new content in this supposed live service? What the hell happened to DICE.

  2. Season 1 will be releasing nxt mnth

  3. Dont purchase any of them. Cheaters are everywhere. They ruined the experience for me.

  4. Am I the only one that still has a blast playing this game with friends? I get it, it has bugs (only one that plagues me is not getting revived because I've got a leg or two in the wall) and not a lot of content, but as a BF series fan I still have a lot of fun with 2042.

  5. Seriously want to play this game but the hackers are ruining the game entirely

  6. I think the best way to avoid them is to join unofficial servers. AMG and BoB ones have none in my experience

  7. Are those server based outside of asia?

  8. Those fuckers are not even trying to fix it.

  9. this is good but I dont know if my 1060 can run it

  10. Its working fine on low end settings game looks amazing even on low settings.

  11. I'm not sure thought but there is already a hen release for 4.88. But before updating please chk with other sites.

  12. Don't worry bro your not the only one. Games are for only entertainment purpose. Don't get disappointed & never stop playing & ignore those fools who make you feel that way.

  13. Cheers buddy. I tend to have some single player games I play in between and just enjoy them rather than the competitiveness. Just finished dishonored, one of my favourite games for sure

  14. Keep Playing. there is lots of game to play like Tomb Raider, RDR2, Middle Earth etc

  15. U just easliy delete from your via go8n into the settings. Don't even need to uninstall it.

  16. Thanks for your reply. I tried that as well and got the same error (ce-36434-0).

  17. I got this error on god of war. So what i did was remarry the patch with package file and it works like charm. Just get the patch and the game version and remaary it and it will work fine. Search for modded warfare tutorial on youtube. It will make your life really easier.

  18. It contains everything. You can chk it on steam page too.

  19. U need a credit card or debit card with international payment access. Otgerwise it wont work.

  20. They mention at the time of cold war integration that you can progress the battle pass via modern warfare but cant use any thing in modern warfare. So basically all the content that came after the release of cold war is only for warzone and cold war. Abt purchasing the battlepass. So if you have completed the batllepass once like compliting all the 100 tiers you will get the the cod point to get the nxt season battle pass. So its the one time purchase thing. And abt the game yeah its totally fucked.

  21. No. The game is not cracked yet & there is no hope of multiplayer even if its get cracked + cold war multiplayer sucks real time. I have the cold war but i still sticks to modern warfare.

  22. what about the other games like Black Ops 4? or are all CoD games not cracked?

  23. U can play the zombies but multiplayer i dont know thats possible as another guy mention there are servers for cracked game u can try them.

  24. That is something you have to figure out bro... New versions authorization does not work with old version.

  25. Its probably live 11. Its buggy so i suggest you to switch back to live 10.

  26. I don't know why people hate cod. Anyways warzone is free so u can try. New season just started yesterday... With some new contain. They revamped the map...

  27. Yeah man. Was expecting something big but i guess revamped is all i can say... 😬😬😬

  28. You will find the host with limit cap on the right side of the download page and if the supported host is not in the list, then its is unlimited as far as i know. I'm using it for 2 years and didn't find any limitations yet...

  29. Can anyone help with Jax Jones - I Miss U -

  30. Chabra computers, Located in silver mall.

  31. I am from Indore, And i Bought one for Rs.40,500

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