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  1. Umm, she was crying because she's gonna be all alone for a few days and she's still depressed because her baby just died. I mean, with all she's been through she could go to McDonald's and the ice cream machine be down and she'd cry...and justifiably so. The woman's been through it.

  2. He really earned his paycheck this week. He said about 2 sentences and starred like a slack-jawed gawker at a beautiful woman's....abs?

  3. Yup Pacheco/Mckinnon are the difference. Man it's such a RB season for the NFL.

  4. If Mariota can throw TD to himself, I dont see how a Hall of Famer couldnt too

  5. Do I use my #1 on warren or knight? 12 man full PPR

  6. I am. I don’t have another RB to start with Conner in bye and need to win to get into playoffs.

  7. I’m hoping for a Willy Wonka style weed out process.

  8. Eh fuck this guy. Don’t wish anything bad on him but he can run backwards through a field of dicks

  9. Not being confrontational, but whats up, what did he do to your fan base?

  10. Just don’t like the way he handled his time here. Don’t like how he acted afterwards and felt like a wasted pick. Like I said I don’t wish anything bad on him but fuck em for how he handled all this and acted.

  11. Ahhh gotcha. Sounds like it was bad for both parties.

  12. That’s going to be a hell of a dragon to chase

  13. Imagine working the booth at arrowhead and your boss comes out and says you’ve been traded

  14. Uhmm cutting while eliminating the screech? I’m in.

  15. We are getting carved up in the middle zone. What is going on there?

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