1. I’ve been getting invisible enemies and ones that are floating torso, it’s quite fun but mainly only happens when there’s a lot of lag in the match, sometimes I can only not see them when I’m dead and spectating sometimes vice versa

  2. Should unlock after a certain level in boss, would make the game a lot more movie accurate

  3. I waited so long my connection dropped but it showed I was still connected when I went to ps4' menu. This game's servers are fucked up

  4. Ikr it’s proper devastating only had 2 matches in three hrs

  5. If they’ve stopped people from having an army I’m going to be extremely upset

  6. I personally wouldn't risk it. Those sites typically are riddled with ads and potential viruses

  7. I watched it on YouTube the other week, it’s decent quality, there’s also a link to the evil dead super cut I think which is all of them combined if you’d rather watch that, it’s pretty great

  8. I did, no really, and then other than the slowing down if I opened the browser the page would reload and more shit would happen, eventually killed my ps4

  9. I wouldnt mind a two headed ash or even a evil smiling ash skin.

  10. Actually I’ve changed my mind, evil ash from evil dead 2 as a basic, just in skin not a move set change or anything, evil ash from army of darkness before he goes all big buff chinless chin man, and old evil ash as the boss, I think this could be reallly cool

  11. I like to climb into the rocket part and fall into space with the drop pod

  12. I’ve uploaded the video of the match on YouTube, 15 min clip no commentary if anyone would be interested, also uploading a glitch comp soon just gathering footage

  13. I had this with a Henry while two of us was stuck behind a counter

  14. No, they used to but now they all wait until someone is in range and all charge at once, it’s amazing

  15. I like to possess them and run them to their friends dead body, then the altar and do a little dance before giving them it back, or just walking slowly tanking all damage as a boss

  16. What exactly do you think this opened besides the ability for them to start taking people’s money for basically nothing in the future? I frankly find it to be a pointless feature at the moment when there’s still so much more they need to work on.

  17. There’s already a lot of artwork in the game, with one of the missions having a skin I can assume some content will be mission unlocked as there’s more of them to come

  18. I think they're a cool addition. I hope they add at least one or two that you could unlock as an achievement. Like getting 500 downs as warlord will get you an achievement screamer or killing 500 bosses as henry will get you some kind mastery achievement screamer of sorts even if just for bragging rights.

  19. Which ever class type isn’t been selected by others

  20. Wait so anyone can get the army of darkness ash skins now?

  21. Cool! Like the idea of ceremonial armour rather than it just being typical unrealistic female armour, think the shading and colour is neat too!

  22. Hex helmet, one of the scrip rewards near the bottom!

  23. I updated the comment take a look

  24. Literally cannot wait two days gonna put myself under wake me up when kandar comes

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