1. I think you where right with Dramatic, i see too much straightness to be SD. SD’s have curve throughout their silhouette with an upper curve accommodation.

  2. Thank you! Will keep on being a dramatic haha. I’ve doubted myself because I have quite rounded shoulders for a dramatic and waist definition hence why I doubted. But I’m just a D with those features :)

  3. Ah ok yes I understand where you’re coming from, but any type can have a smaller waist. And curve isn’t necessarily about having a smaller waist, it‘s about a curved shape from the armpits to the this: ( ) . I think this is why a lot of woman think they have kibbe curve, because they are looking at the shoulders to waist or hip to waist ratio. Instead of looking if there is a curved line with soft flesh. 😊 And there are D’s who are not so sharp, but not so many verified examples of them unfortunately.

  4. I’m not so sure about SD, i think your upper body width stands out. I would look into natural family.

  5. I think the texture is more for natural types, we do a lot better with soft fine or plush knits. But if you love it, you can always try it and see. i also think the detailing is beautiful and adds enough visual interest. Wich is important for us.

  6. This gives me more clarity, thank you. I am going to take pictures and expieriment with some dramatic styles. Even with some softness on the face, would you still recommend dramatic typing for hairstyles and my top half or more soft dramatic for my top half ? Thank you so much again!

  7. I think you’re kibbe type is pure Dramatic, SD needs upper curve..i don’t see that on you. dramatics can have an ingenue or romantic essence in their faces too sometimes. In your case i would definitely mix kibbe with the “ truth is beauty“ essence system. Because i have a feeling you won’t feel completely at home in pure D kibbe rec’s alone. Because of your strong ingenue essence.i think you are adorable by the way. 😊

  8. Yes i see FN, you have vertical and width and also your weight gain patterns line up with FN.

  9. I don’t become boxy, i stay curvy and soft but just everything becomes a little smaller. But in my experience i do have to workout to get more streamlined and get a flatter stomach. Just diet alone isn’t giving me the results i want. Actually it works best if i just keep eating well and workout 4 to 5 times a week. If i eat healthy and not to little, ( including healthy fats every day) it prevents me from losing to much in area’s i don’t want to loose it.And it’s hard for me to not look fleshy and become skinny even if i lost weight. But i actually like that look.

  10. This is helpful to me. I think I’ve been undercutting so much that I dropped weight quickly all over, but I actually prefer the results I get just from running or Pilates while eating a more normal calorie amount. It seems to preserve my fleshiness more. I think I got majorly duped by all the people who talk about bodies being “made in the kitchen.”

  11. I’m glad it was helpful for you. I think everybody has too find their own happy place when it comes to diet and exercise. And at what weight you feel your most comfortable. But I understand where you’re coming from. When i was younger i used to crash diet sometimes, but it never got me longterm good results. I also love food too much😄

  12. Most of them look too short and the straps are too thin, making them hard to style imo. I think there are much better options out there for us.

  13. I love all the looks, but the one with the red wedges is 🔥🌹💕

  14. I love it! I think that Obi belt would also look really nice with a kimono, like this:

  15. She definitely looks more like I would expect at that angle! It’s just so wild! At her height she is definitely vertical dominant, so you are probably right in your assessment!

  16. I disagree that Lily James is an SD, i’m leaning DC for her..however she did play “Pamela Anderson“ in the “Pam and Tommy” series. But even though she played Pamela, i’m not convinced yet she is SN.. but she could be. I just thought it was interesting. 😊

  17. I believe Amanda siefried is a TR, i know she’s not verified. But i just can’t see her as anything else. She looks petite with double curve and is more trim looking as well. I don’t see any width for SN. But the dress she’s wearing here looks very strange on her.

  18. Yes 100 % SD, i look very similar to this too! Do you see the sharp edges of her elbows? those are Dramatic bones.

  19. a fn does not need to accommodate curve, but can be curvy, does not need to be

  20. For FN width and vertical is dominant, yes they can have some conventional curve but not kibbe curve like OP. Their flesh is yang. their bust is contained within their width. There is also more distance between armpits and bust with FN’s, their bust lies below the armpits .

  21. I still can't see a SD. I think people here confuse flesh with softness. You see FNs most often as a model. If a FN gains weight it looks like this.

  22. No, if an FN gains weight most of the weight comes below the waist. Hips and upper thighs. They don’t get upper curve when they gain weight. They actually become more square when that happens. Gaining weight allover (fleshiest parts) is an yin trait.

  23. I like your pointy snake print shoes! I also have one pair, they act like a neutral. It’s ideal for SD’s.

  24. So for years ive thought I'm FN because I need to accommodate my width and vertical, things always looking "stretched" over my shoulders, 5"8 with long limbs , smaller bust and butt. Only thing is I feel as if i look like a total blob without waist emphasis, especially since my bodies matured and my hips have become wider, I don't have a particularly tiny waist but the curve is quite harsh of that makes sense. I feel like I could pull of free flowing silhouettes as a teen when i was thinner and boxier, but now when I try it I look like I'm dressing up! As soon as I add some def to my waist I feel more confident and put together. So I always instinctually go for tighter which I suppose is not very FN of me. Just wondering people's thoughts on this in terms of kibbe typing, any idea why this might be??

  25. It’s hard to say without typing pictures, because a lot of woman want to wear more form fitting clothes these days. I’m SD and as a teen i also couldn’t pull off things that fall straight down from my shoulders either. I always needed a more narrow silhouette. But if you are SD, soft and lightweight fabrics is a must. Oversized ornate details look amazing and we have a hard time with casual looks. FN’s can go from lightweight to very heavy fabrics, because they have the frame to carry that. Maybe something you could try out? But things never look stretched over my shoulders, only stretched over my bust. And then too much fabric in the waist and shoulders too sometimes.

  26. i do agree that i have yang, but im interested about the width. to accommodate width in your shoulders you have to find clothing that fits the wide shoulders, whereas i actually have the opposite problem, clothing is usually too big on my shoulders, especially dresses. so im not sure that i have width…:but it’s still possible! i’ve never looked into the N family but it’s definitely worth a try

  27. Hmm ok, interesting.. yes look Into natural fam a bit more. Because i really don’t see a petite gamine ID, or any other type. You’re vertical is too strong, even at 5’4. And you don’t have sharp bones or upper curve for D or SD. The blunt edges of your elbows and shoulders are very visible too me. I will say your typing pictures aren’t ideal, but i can usually look trough that. ( your posing and pushing your shoulders back a lot in these pictures) I wish you good luck with finding your kibbe type!

  28. This would be too simple and basic for me.

  29. As an SD with a D cup, i always wear lifting and separating bra’s with a deep cup for projected breasts. I don’t wear or like any centering or push up bra’s because that looks very unnatural on me and goes against my lines. i just want too keep them in their natural place.

  30. I think something like this can work, because i fully tuck tops into high waisted pants or skirts as well. However this looks more like a sweater so i’m afraid this would create to much volume in the waist. Sweaters i never tuck, i just let them drape down as long as they are a little clingy. So i would have to swap out the sweater for a light weight top if i want to tuck it in. ( fabric weight and texture is kind of a big deal for us, it can make or break a look because we need lightweight and soft fabrics)

  31. Trust me, I tried to let the sweater fall to the sides of the skirt, but the dense material made it look weird. Tucking it into the skirt and cinching it up with a good belt seemed enough. You're right... maybe for an SD it would be better to wear a lighter sweater and compensate with a heavy coat. In my case, I was so cold that the heavy coat wasn't enough LoL. The black scarf is very necessary in this outfit, as it creates the long vertical, it helps to mediate it by having a color block between the skirt and the sweater. But overall, a velvet skirt with a slit on the left, a long scarf and black, high heel boots, I think an SD would rock this outfit! Meanwhile I just play with the clothes, no need to know my ID. It would be great to know, but I think this is a question that only Kibbe could answer... since my body doesn't have that obvious structure and Kibbe himself said that part of ID is intuition, it comes from... the person's energy (the way they talk, walk, move). I have fun with style... and I post here to share this hobbie that I love! Thanks!

  32. Ah ok yes I understand, but i thought you wanted to know what SD’s thought about this outfit. And if we would wear something like this.

  33. I have mixed feelings about her.. i think some of her information is really interesting and seems accurate to me. But on the other hand, it seems like she typed herself wrong? I think she’s mixing up kibbe with kitchener ( i say this because she says she’s a gamine type, but she is 5’8..however i do see some gamine essence in her face) It looks like she is completely ignoring vertical? I do enjoy her drawing talent and her videos about outfits for the types are really good imo.

  34. I don’t see an upper curve accommodation need. The fabric of your tops doesn’t get affected by curve.

  35. I see vertical, the cropped pant is cutting you off it seems like. So my vote is SD.

  36. Yes i think you are, i see soft flesh and upper curve.

  37. I think it works, also because you are young and in good shape. A more dressy booty/ shoe would look nice with this as well. To elevate this look a little. I’m loving the color pallette!

  38. If you want to do more structure, keep your fabrics lightweight and soft and get things that are cut for curve on top.

  39. Hey everyone! I'm 5'8" and think I lean toward a DC. When I gain weight it tends to be in my hip/waist area and I would say I have relatively long extremeties. What do you guys think?

  40. Hi, DC’s are balanced because they are classic family. On you i see clear vertical, a long narrow line. You look pure Dramatic to me.

  41. Oh wow! Now that you say it, I can totally see that as well. Interesting. Thank you for your feedback!

  42. Her Romantic essence is strong. Sensual mature womanly beauty. R is definitely her most dominant one..maybe some ingenue as well, she does have a girly cuteness about her especially when laughing. She does remind me of marilyn monroe, but a bigger version. Who is also Romantic ingenue.

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