What's a scam that people think isn't a scam?

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  1. I would assume it has absorbed after two hours. I would wait another two hours before redosing, as you know, it takes awhile to kick in.

  2. Maybe; it depends on all kinds of variables, for example your body chemistry, other drugs in your system, tolerance, etc...

  3. Kpins are the greatest Benzos known to man. The green Teva’s are A1 but these are nice as well

  4. I recently switched pharmacies and the new one has Teva's. They do hit different in a good way.

  5. Are you on about that shit supplement or the neurotransmitter

  6. The neurotransmitter. I know the supplement doesn't even cross the blood-brain barrier.

  7. I've been on gabapentin for about ten years. I've also been sober from alcohol for most of those years; I have alcohol use disorder.

  8. Sorry for the super late reply. Just wanted to say it's awesome you are doing so well and I hope that's still the case 💜

  9. I've had two relapses since writing that comment. I'm sober now though. It's really weird reading that comment, it's like the past me helping the current me stay sober again.

  10. i didn't scroll down far enough at first and was really confused.

  11. I've been told the reason we get sick more often when it's cold out is because more people are indoors and close proximity. This doesn't hold up though since more people are indoors in extreme heat as well and I don't know that the trend is the same in terms of more illness.

  12. I like the music playing in the background. That's the only good thing about this video.

  13. This is basically pretty stupid. It’s over $600 dollars for a whopping total of 20mg of Valium. It comes in a pack of 2. Each one only having one spray of 10mg. It’s just the same thing as narcan nasal spray. A one use thing. It’s only for people with the most extreme cases of epilepsy and frequent and repetitive seizures. It’s not going to feel that much different at all from just chewing a pill up. Just a quicker onset. Benzos don’t have any kind of rush period. Even when they are made for IV. Especially Valium

  14. I find myself wondering what kind of people were sitting around in an office deciding that this was what the market wanted. These are like flavors from the 1910s.

  15. I also wonder if the same marketing people then stocked their cupboards at home with this stuff and thought, "this stuff is delicious!"

  16. It's so weird he does this stuff to look hot but everyone tells him he's not hot but yet he doesn't care if we think hes hot... the mental gymnastics this man performs on a regular basis must be positively exhausting!

  17. Well, they say not to worry about what others think and to do what makes you feel good about you. Not saying that's what his thought process is, maybe he's doing it unconsciously.

  18. Taurine is a calming substance, that's why they put it in energy drinks, to reduce the uncomfortable side effects of so much caffeine.

  19. Tried up to doses of 5g, no effect. My understanding is that you have to repeatedly dose to allow the bromide to accumulate to cause effects. But then you end up with Bromism, so it's not the most ideal drug.

  20. It also has a very long half life which further complicates dosing and I think played a part in it's removal from the market.

  21. Actually barbiturates were initially replaced by Quaaludes as a "safer" alternative with a slightly larger therapeutic index till they were found to be just as euphoric and addictive as the barbs. Then after quaaludes we're scheduled oned benzos became the main prescribed GABAergic depressant.

  22. I forgot about Quaaludes. They were around in the 70's, right? I've never had them as they are almost impossible to find.

  23. I switched pharmacies due to moving. The old pharmacy happened to have Accord and the new pharmacy Teva.

  24. bet. i’ve definitely gotta make the switch if they’re not going to up my dose. i can take 3-4 of the accord .5s and i’m still completely normal, just feel a little more relaxed. not the same feeling i used to get from kpins at all.

  25. I thought lamictal was the usual culprit in causing this. I've neve heard of a case caused by Zofran.

  26. The chances of SJS happening increase every time you go off Lamictal and then back on again.

  27. He sounds not only like an egotistical asshole but also incredibly irresponsible. I would have reported him.

  28. Idk but based on what ive read , most other gabapentinoids have reducd bioavailability at higher doses so if ur just using for anxiety and not a high id suggest spreading your dose out so theres less in your system at one moment --- but theres not much research on phenibut bioavailability so maybe this is a great idea maybe not again idk

  29. It would be interesting to know if it needs the LAT transporter like gabapentin.

  30. No, that would be going to bed at 4am and getting up at 6am. At least that was my MO. I didn't do great in HS.

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