Cutting off someone in NY

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  1. We have very high tolerances lmao I used to be able to smoke all day and be functional as if they were cigs. I’ve started to cut back and can really see my tolerance go down.

  2. You’re seeing medium traffic in a city…

  3. Lmao this is not traffic at all on LI. This is a minor inconvenience my friend. Also not a city.

  4. I’m gonna guess lab from the coat and snout length. Literally could be any generically shaped dog tho. Made me immediately think of my SOs labradoodle. Sad :(

  5. Thank you, even though my gut is telling me the piece of shit person did this purposely.. I would want the same thing done for me if my dog was missing. :l

  6. Also just a guess but those teeth are clean so either a younger dog or one who’s teeth were taken care of. Coat looks like a yellow lab to me but not 100 sure. How big was it?

  7. Well most people are saying get new or find better deal. The only better deals after hours of research is carvana and they want like 10k plus down payment for whatever reason. Cant really afford new or 10k more for something new and dont want 600+ monthly payments. Any suggestions?

  8. Maybe not the time for you to get a wrangler. Get a cheaper car and save more, and sell the other car when you have more to put down.

  9. There’s a lot of things in life you’d think would be common sense. My new ottoman had a sticker on it that said I shouldn’t use it as a bassinet.

  10. How did you bend it? Torch? Been wanting to turn some liquor bottles into bongs

  11. I need to find a barber that knows what they’re doing. I’ve had two barbers get ahold of it in the past and completely butcher it. One dude pulled out dye to fill in the bald spots on my cheeks. He actually put some in before I realized what he was doing. I was like… dude, that’s got to come out, ASAP. Luckily it hadn’t set long enough that it couldn’t be scrubbed out. 🤦‍♂️

  12. Per month, per week or per year?

  13. I once did 100 mph on the DNT to keep up with traffic. That shit was bananas.

  14. First time I was in Texas my buddy took me on the tollway in his charger, we’re young and dumb so it’s not the best car but certainly fast enough. We’re going like 120-130 and these 4-5 super cars just pass us like we’re going 55 mph. Bananas isn’t even close.

  15. Have you ever left the island? Might wanna try it some time.

  16. Don’t let the door break your ass on the way out, you glass boned freak

  17. I almost called you a weak boned bitch until I saw the sub.

  18. Back in my day we just ate sugar free gummy bears and razor blades in Halloween candy.

  19. For long drives, I always keep snacks and drinks within reach. Always carry $20 cash because the one place with gas for 100 miles will have their card reader go down as soon as you pull in. I'm a fan of lots of small breaks just to get out and walk around, if nothing else.

  20. 20 dollars in gas may not get you to the next station with gas prices right now. Better have a little more in cash that that.

  21. There's an abandoned railroad crossing near me that literally has a tree growing in between the tracks.

  22. There’s one by me where the cut the track about 10 feet on each side and removed the track that went across the road, and busses still stop. Like there is no physical way for a train to come down these tracks, and it’s right by a school so it’s really just dumb as fuck

  23. Well, if I do a half ass job now, I won’t have to touch it again till next year….

  24. This is exactly what it was!

  25. Haha I would’ve bet money on it. Too common these days, just fucking do it right the first tome

  26. Was he trying to get a hook out?

  27. I hope that I will die first, because I know I won’t be able to deal with losing her.

  28. why are beardies at the same time one of the weirdest but cute creatures while also being good hunters?

  29. Good hunters? Someone needs to tell my guy he missed memo. He’s about as sharp as a cue ball

  30. What kind of weed whacker can do this!? Super reckless, if that was the case.

  31. Probably had a brush cutter blade on it. Not all weed wackers use the thin plastic wire

  32. Even so, that has to be intentional. You'd notice doing this.

  33. You’d be surprised. It’s basically a table saw blade.

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