1. The same way mafia in Bulgaria started back in the days by selling "insurance". The insurance being them not setting your business on fire.

  2. i cant tell if theyre gonna kill him or they back off

  3. IIRC correctly they back off. A huge theme of the Sorpanos is the decline of the mafia as a metaphor for the decline of a certain strain of blue collar America, so this is IMHO a funny way of showing that.

  4. No, I agree 100% and I’ve heard from others with this view. Ten Hag’s substitutions are usually very impactful and when Antony came on we improved. Sancho was denied a clear goal by a handball. We were coming back to win it anyway. The Fulham collapse handed it to us.

  5. Low key I know it made zero sense but I wish we had gone all out trying to score as much as we could. Not even to be a bad sport but just out of morbid curiosity since it's so unusual to see 11 v. 9.

  6. Yes, Pahlinha was so cheap and I bel6at least we could get a quality rotation. No idea how we let off him

  7. I mean we were chasing FDJ and then Casemiro over the summer. Plus we signed Eriksen.

  8. That headline makes it sounds like we're looking for a long and white RT.

  9. Your own statement here is acknowledging that things changed after 9/11, which was the whole point. Absent 9/11 there's no broad support for invading Iraq. And since Iraq, it was such a clusterfuck that public opposition killed a more aggressive response in Syria and there's a very real chance a president is elected in 2024 that withdraws most support from Ukraine.

  10. Vietnam, Gulf War 1.0, Gulf War/Iraq 2.0, Afghanistan honestly the American public is pretty tired of invasions. that "aren't wars".

  11. The only bummer here (beyond the money already wasted on this) is the fact that the NHSL will continue to be underappreciated; such a cool little transit line that is almost completely ignored. I was hoping that the increased ridership would kickstart development around the existing stations

  12. Most of the stops on that station are super inaccessible and I'm not sure how you develop to make them walkable.

  13. It's becoming pretty clear that the only thing that matters to fanbase is "tactics", and by that I mean attacking tactics, when it's just one part of what makes a good coach. Someone can be a great motivator, great at keeping the squad fresh and injury free, happy, working hard, organized on the pitch, and with a good defensive shape, but if the ball isn't going in the net, they absolutely suck. I think Gregg is good at most of these things, but his teams don't score so people think he's the worst.

  14. And honestly we just don't have an international quality striker in the pool right now, at least compared to the talent levels at other positions

  15. I'm not saying we need a ludicrous striker, just someone better than Ferreira or Wright if we want to beat teams like the Dutch.

  16. This is a very nice solution I haven't thought of

  17. The next Lamar Jackson is now going to call himself a running back.

  18. Parity be damned I want to see the league without a salary cap or any gimmicks to keep players under contract.

  19. Opposite IMO, Play McTominay in Bruno's position, he's actually decent progressing the ball from midfield and shooting from long range even if his vision isn't the best

  20. Scott is going to leave for a midtable side and score 5-10 bangers a year and people are going to be pissed he left. He's very good at what he does, he just isn't quite good enough at the right things for us.

  21. Well he can still run for more than a half hour, no offense to ilsihno, so I really hope not at this point in his career.

  22. Ilsinho had a dad bod by the time he retired. Dude had enough skills you could probably throw him on for 5 minutes at age 50 and he'd beat a man and put a cross in.

  23. Nah, it's confirmed. Besides it being really obvious in the books, he confirmed that 2D guessing it correctly is why he approved of them in the first place.

  24. It's extremely obvious in book 1 (when GRRM was planning a trilogy), but after that he sprinkles is red herrings when he realized it was going to be a longer series.

  25. Mint Mobile doesn't have a network. They would just buy access to the T-Mobile network and resell it to their users.

  26. People in this thread are drastically underestimating how much infrastructure and investment is needed to have a nationwide cellular network.

  27. I've been embarrassed by my team's fanbase lately. The best sixers season in forever and there's nowhere to go to connect with fellow fans.

  28. Frankly I don't care about the MVP. Make a finals run please. Anything else is a cherry on top.

  29. Does that matter at the end of the day if you know how good he was and smart fans know how good he was? Is it really worth tainting the ride we're on right now with all this toxic shit and these really cringe race narritives constantly? 9 of the top 12 posts on our sub right now are about Jokic or the Nuggets. I'd much rather just let Embiid be disrespected and enjoy the team and have fun. Where are the sixers fans having fun and not focusing on some media award 24/7 and making everything about race, I can't find them

  30. I'm not saying it's worth it, just that I understand the frustration.

  31. Not playing Rooney's DC United would be a missed opportunity. Hopefully they come to these parts!

  32. Apparently also the preferred bidder on this sub now. Watching the sports washing live in action is a sight to behold.

  33. People really caved on this super quick. IDK if it's a concentrated bot campaign or what but opposing the bid seems like it became unpopular, and it switched in like 3 weeks.

  34. I think Joel really pushed hard for the MVP last year and burned too much energy at the end of the regular season. Obviously that didn't cause his face to get broken again in the playoffs, but I'd rather he just cruise this year and have a dominant playoff ran than dropping 45 and 17 against the Bulls in April or whatever.

  35. Here comes the MVP campaign for James Harden who wasn't even voted an All Star

  36. Literally my thought. People will trot out our record after Harden came back and say "See, Harden is actually the MVP" even though they didn't vote for him as an All Star.

  37. Yeah really surprising Real didn’t play either leg with so much rotation, especially since he just signed a new contract so presumably the team has confidence in him (maybe he’s hurt like you said idk)

  38. I would assume he's hurt, it would be bizarre to have not played him at all so far.

  39. From my view in the stands, Bueno had a really great hustle tonight. He was all over making plays, while bedoya was not. I know it was later and the opponent was more tired, but he seemed to lock down the mid better than when Bedoya was in.

  40. I'm going to grade the second half subs on a curve. Alianza had been playing a man down for a third of the game in weather that they really aren't familiar with, plus they had to chase the game. That meant it was both more open and they were gassed.

  41. I agree, if not, McGlynn should also. However, I feel so confident in Perea being a great Bedoya replacement if this is his last year.

  42. They'll have to scrape Ale off the field, I think he'll die before he retires.

  43. Only if casemiro does the tackle

  44. See, I can see the argument that Casemiro deserved a red for the tackle. Probably an orange card situation and we'd be pissed if someone went into Rashford like that.

  45. The best option: Re-sign Mostert/Wilson for a fraction of the price and draft a RB.

  46. What you say makes a lot of sense...but the thought of defenses having to stop Derrick Henry with Hill and Waddle taking the lid off if too stupid to really comprehend.

  47. Hopefully we loan him to a premier League team where he'll play consistently. Our loans over the years have been truly awful.

  48. The first loan to Alaves was awful. Truly just an awful place for a young attacker to develop...AND THEN HE WANTED TO GO BACK.

  49. Which is pretty crazy, because if your the age of the average NFL player (25-30ish), there are very few good moments to hang your hat on. I became a fan because of Marino, but most of the players playing now probably never saw him.

  50. I'm 32 and came home from the hospital in a Dolphins onesie, so I've been watching games my whole life. I remember that I used to watch Marino but my only actual unique memory of Marino is that Jacksonville game. Not many players left out there younger than me that can have many positive memories of the Dolphins being good.

  51. Got to give the medical staff credit (knock on all the wood), but apart from Martial the core players have been extremely healthy and we haven't had many soft tissue injuries.

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