1. Persona 5 royal and Jurassic Park Aftermath complete edition.

  2. Along with hanging out with the family.

  3. Depends on the story. If it's an Rpg horror one, it's either full of laughs, full of drama, has educational value or all of the above.

  4. Pokémon Black, White, Black 2 and White 2.

  5. I smell watermelons! 🎶 (And a crossover between subreddits, but watermelons are what came to mind first.)

  6. So, uh, what's wrong with D-side Basil?

  7. I'm guessing he ate a bunch of watermelons and gone crazy.

  8. Without Metallica, it's just rice. Not to say it isn't nice, but rice on its own can only go so far.

  9. Trick question! The third one: Tiger poster!

  10. i definetly wanted to give her more of a biker look! since turkish teens are really into motorbikes

  11. Biker gloves, boots and a leather jacket tied around the waist?

  12. Most of these look like they're from Friday Night Funkin'. I like it.

  13. The cat did. It's stand is the same as star platinum after all.

  14. Scariest twist! Scariest twist of all time!

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