1. I just wish iPhones gave you a bit more control over your processing. On a Pixel you can adjust HDR or turn it off.

  2. The oversharpening really gets to me sometimes. Photos of my cats leave their fur far too sharp.

  3. Andy is the best governor that Kentucky has had in my lifetime. I hope he moves on to the national stage once his tenure is done.

  4. I think we should reserve talks of national stage until he actually wins. Very likely he does but I don't wanna count chickens before they hatch.

  5. Has Feinstein confirmed she's not running? I mean she definitely should, but do we know for sure?

  6. At this point it barely matters. Last election she was just very old and facing unserious meme candidates, this time she's visibly unable to fulfill her duties and has at least two very serious candidates to beat.

  7. 2018 Katie Porter would be this sub's favorite prog. She's changed massively in her time in DC. She could have been California's Sherrod Brown. Instead she turned into a generic gigasucc.

  8. But then neither will be in the House. Actually if both make it to the primary then neither will get to run for the House.

  9. Schiff voted for the Iraq War and is terrible on civil liberties. Katie Porter and Barbara Lee are good on foreign policy and civil liberties

  10. Nobody knew the Bush admin was lying so abhorrently for the Iraq War vote and thus voting for it was the correct thing to do. Context matters.

  11. Buttigieg desperately needs to grow his appeal outside of wealthy highly educated people. I'm not sure if his current position is accomplishing that well.

  12. Poor people of color not liking the gentrifiers that this sub loves and adores, what a shocker.

  13. Pete isn't even a gentrifier but this sub seems to unironically want one most of the times.

  14. I don't really know who Noah smith is other than some econ guy who gets posted here sometimes so it's shocking to see him being the one writing this kind of article lol.

  15. Here is the letter to the german defense committee detailing the delivery of Leopard 2 to Ukraine. There isn't much we didn't know yet: 14 L2A6, 2 recovery vehicles (possilby the

  16. What about that weird KF51 thing? Could that fit into the timeline since it's largely a modified Leopard?

  17. Gretchen Whitmer and Stacey Abrams come to mind.

  18. Anybody suggesting Whitmer run for President in 2024 has a very short sighted or immature view of politics. Whitmer was just reelected to a 4 year term and lead Democrats to their first trifecta in Michigan in nearly 40 years. It is vitally important that all strong Michigan Dem talent stay in that state to put in their all to get what they want done as it'll have massive consequences for the state and nation long term. For Whitmer personally, these 4 years will be the golden time to build a strong national profile within favorable conditions to be ready for a rock solid higher office campaign around 2028 instead of a dubious one now.

  19. No. The original base models of M1 laptops had 2 SSD chips (2x128gb instead of 1x256gb) which gave spectacular bandwidth. It's the new M2 models that they've been skimping with only one chip on.

  20. How can it be a bait and switch if it is literally a different product.

  21. I’d agree with you if it wasn’t an apple product. Because once you get locked in the apple ecosystem then getting out of it is costly.

  22. The apple ecosystem lock-in is overrated. I and many people I know enter and leave all the time.

  23. Any time I visit the subreddit for any TV show/podcast/video game, I am always floored by how much all the fans seem to hate the thing they're on a subreddit devoted to.

  24. The natural state of a subreddit fandom is cynicism and whining. The job of good moderation is to squash that shit. A surprising number of subs manage that job very well but alas many just succumb to the badness.

  25. Wow that 'what's the matter with men' thread (that I'm not gonna bother touching) just has a comment count that grows and grows every time I check the sub. Some topics really bring out the heated debate don't they?

  26. Coffee like most things relies on a pretty global supply chain. In the past few years what was it like as supply chain chaos hit the industry? What beans or other supplies were particularly hard to source?

  27. I think you may be right. The lightest I'm finding are described as medium-light. I've gotta cut down on caffeine but still want the complex flavors.

  28. This is not a problem with static; I mentioned in another reply that I already do RDT. The grounds get stuck in the corners somehow, and then they stay there. I can pick up my grinder after a day of no use, give the catch cup several firm whacks along the rubberized bottom (long after the effects of static electricity have dissipated), and there are still clumps sticking in there.

  29. Hmm interesting then it might be the RDT that's causing it like if moisture caused the sticking.

  30. Where is the T14? Seems to have been lost forever.

  31. i mean...sure....there are too many experts and ppl who think they know better than the experts on military matters....but you also post on

  32. Yeah the UK's stunt with a token number of Challengers, while well intentioned, did really point out how significant contribution was the necessary line.

  33. The US has strong logistics but not infinite logistics. Logistics tied up to support tanks long term in Ukraine is logistics that can't be used to react to some new shit happening in the Pacific to give just one example.

  34. It would be nice if DSLRs can just use NVMe

  35. CFespress and SD Express are both based on NVMe. CFexpres is proven to work well and SD Express is extremely new. If by NVMe you mean m.2s then those would be poor fits for camera duty. Storage for cameras needs to be:

  36. I like isekai more than most people (ascendance of a bookworm is fantastic, fight me), but there’s just so much of it and much of it is utter pulp. My understanding for “why” is that it’s related to the Web Novel/Light Novel industry, where the common tropes are used as a shared toolbox to build upon. When anime are searching for source material, LNs often make great choices since they develop more quickly and it’s less likely that viewers are put off by the necessary art quality drop in animating.

  37. Tbh did not know that—had a couple friends refuse to watch/read it because “ewww isekai,” which I think is a needlessly reductive mentality.

  38. Haha sorry then I thought you were making a fake hot take. Yeah this show is basically critic candy that gunned directly for a mature audience by small publishers and studios who can't compete in the big budget degeneracy wars. It's become almost cliche as the 'only decent isekai' to the point of being a meme, but that just means everyone who truly knows it knows it's good.

  39. Not so much poverty as just fuckin dumb. They paint themselves into corners all the fuckin time and seemingly can't see more than a year down the road. Seriously the best news you've heard about us in the last 5 years is "how did the Wizards get out from under that contract"

  40. Washington man. Where the Wiz are a dumpster fire and we still willingly watch because the alternative is remembering what the Nats did with their talent.

  41. The 4 cylinder has half the emissions of the V6 so it's an important leap for both climate and countries that tax based on emissions. It's not much of a US-focused change, but it's a global vehicle.

  42. It's a US focused change too on the side of supply chain simplification going along with the philosophy of TNGA.

  43. And folks still believe in it. I am inclined to believe that if even Europe has it easy, then there should not be any recession in the US

  44. A war in the Pacific would likely be US carriers launching a jets non stop from carries out of side Chinese middle range. There is no need for tanks in HK. The South China sea would basically get turned into a giant no man's land of steel coffins. But if China can get past beach landings they need clear pretty much every building in HK and the Chinese do not the real war experience to this.

  45. Wait why will they do a beach landing in HK?

  46. This probably explains why redditors are mad about low payraises and feel safe saying no one they know has gotten a raise


  48. I don’t think Japan’s brutal work culture is compatible with replacement-level fertility. They have to choose which one they want to have.

  49. Work culture may be bad but it's gotten better steadily at the same time as fertility levels plummeted so it's hard to find a causal relationship or even a correlation there. The hustle of the 80s was ludicrous by modern standards.

  50. Make it illegal to refuse service to people based on nationality/ethnicity/first language, and invest more in teaching English or whatever other language is massively popular that might help boost their ability to communicate with immigrants and foreign workers

  51. Any move away from Japanese being the only needed language on shore is a nonstarter as most people would see it as a decline in Japanese culture. Immigration increase and reform is necessary but it will have to come with being able to teach immigrants to communicate in Japanese.

  52. could you elaborate on the ‘worse’ part? do you mean less flavour, etc.?

  53. Less flavor maybe but more importantly you get one style of flavor and that's it. There's no customizing like you can do with multi pour methods.

  54. could you describe what a multi-pour does for the brew? to my limited knowledge, multi pour only seeks to introduce more agitation to increase extraction. could we not do the same with one pour, but with way more agitation?

  55. I'm not sure if it's possible to do that since most single pour methods I know of already try to maximize agitation, you aren't holding back so there's not much more to push.

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