1. If he leaves any negative review, you can have it removed in 30 seconds by calling ebay and directing them to these messages. Reporting him might actually get his account banned as he’s breaking multiple rules at the same time: attempting to get you to cancel a preexisting sale, threatening negative feedback to extort a sale out of you, and harassing you with repeated vulgar messages including a slur at the very end. Report his ass asap and add to a blocked buyers list (and tell us all his name too so we can do the same)

  2. He started trying to change the terms of the return after i accepted to get me to fix his watch for him. He used my listing photo in the return case photo as well which is throwing up red flags left and right.

  3. I'm really looking for advice/info with watches. I buy lots of GF scrap and get lots of watches and watch cases. I melt most of the cases and sell most of the for parts mechanisms, but they rarely sell for much at all.

  4. Thats the problem, youre destroying a watch for $5-10 in gold then trying to sell a loose movement. If youre making more than $20 for the movement, 9 times out of 10 youve screwed yourself over because the watch would sell for more than melt value. And if youve been scrapping pocket watch cases then this is gonna hurt to hear: theyre worth MUCH more than the gold content and a quick ebay search would have shown that immediately

  5. How do you go about your taxes with eBay? I have about the same sales but concerned they will rail me on taxes

  6. Hell yea, new computer lock screen. Awesome job

  7. Is it just the photo quality or is the rolex dial damaged? The “superlative chronometer offically certified” looks all crinkly

  8. Minimum 2k probably more. Depends on condition of the movement and the brand as well; my price is just based off of the gold content and quality of movement

  9. This seems about right- A good way to get a feel for prices would be to put in a few keywords from my above comment into eBay listings with the "sold" filter on.

  10. The condition of the case effects value too, this one is highly decorated with basically no wear; if the right person comes along id say its worth 2k by its self

  11. If its marked as delivered, youre good. Any claim DNR claim will be closed in your favor

  12. Wow! Is that real? Do you have a link? Looks pricey

  13. About $80 on amazon. I use it for my watchmaking so it was worth it

  14. Please don’t block a buyers name when they act like this, we all need to block them.

  15. Just when I think I’ve seen everything, this sub finds a way to one up itself.

  16. Look through my post history for the guy on crack claiming a 100 year old pocket watch movement was “plasticy and made in china”. 7 messages back to back with a review that i had deleted within 3 minutes of calling ebay.

  17. I know this isn’t directly to do with a vintage watch but i figured you guys would be very knowledgable on the subject

  18. I'm no scientist, but I don't think radium can irradiate other things (don't know about the measurements on a geiger counter). However, am I right in interpreting this to mean that there were loose dials/dials that weren't covered by cases in the package? If so, and there was radium paint on the dials, then flaking paint/dust could have come loose and spread around the package and that could be what's making things radioactive. I don't know about the law but it wouldn't be safe to ship or store that kind of thing without properly protecting it. Radium paint is generally fine provided it stays within the watch case, but you really shouldn't take it out as it can do a lot of harm if you accidentally ingest some.

  19. They were loose movements sold as a parts lot. They weren’t dusty and were packed well. unless he was expecting me to tear down and clean each one for a $20 sale, theres nothing i could have done more to clean them

  20. Ah thatd do it, i didn’t consider that. very weird that the buyer selected that kind of case

  21. So the buyer is stuck with an item they don’t want while losing $280?

  22. I refunded manually so not this time but yep, thats what ebay decided was the right thing to do. I guess now that they have promised to cover returns and refunds with the international shipping service, they’re completely flipping the table on refund decisions.

  23. My ancestors abandoned everything to immigrate to the US during the Irish potato famine in 1845 and slavery was outlawed in 1865 so by that logic i should be guilt tripping, i mean demanding reparations from, the British and getting around 88% of what this person got🤯

  24. Aw damn i feel bad for the guy, you know he spent at LEAST an hour flipping everything over trying to find that🤣

  25. And you spent thought, time, and energy bothering to comment about something no one asked

  26. Why is your phone number on your shipping info? Just wondering

  27. Default contact info, i dont have it added to my address or anything like that. It was an international sale which is why im assuming it was sent over

  28. Because eBay has a dedicated intelligence unit scouring

  29. As if me asking to make sure its allowed would result in a ban anyways. The guy reached out to me first and i asked how i should proceed lol

  30. I really only know omega so I’ll comment there. It definitely looks like a redial or something’s been done with the dial as the 12 o’clock markers are off. But he did not laser that one. Looks like he does that on the ones that don’t have a marking on the inside? Idk a lot of them deff look like Franken watches but some also look okay. The laser etching might be his hobby

  31. The omega case and movement are authentic at least but the rest are sketchy as hell, that 18k longines has a terrible redial and im tempted to say its gold plated. Theyre all sold off as authentic and vintage and hes defrauded probably a hundred people with his “hobby”. Ive reported 3 other accounts doing similar things this week and all of them have been located in Uruguay so im tempted to think that its one factory thats turning these out.

  32. Yeah I agree half of his stuff is sketchy but he also has 3.2k positive reviews and 100% are positive tough to go against that I’ve never heard of a factory for fake vintage watches (don’t see much money in that unless it’s Rolex or AP). So people are happy with what they got from him

  33. That high number of positive reviews is what threw me off too; ive seen his stuff for sale a lot and even bid on a few without looking too closely because of it

  34. Big words from someone whos head looks like an inflated Mighty Beanz. Im sure its just bigger to make room for all of her brilliant ideas

  35. Original sale said 8-12 weeks, so we're still in that window. 8 weeks ago was my order so by start of March?

  36. Yes, and people really need to start tagging their bloody wounds as nsfw

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