1. Idk but who is the guy with the skull on his hat lol

  2. The last 1,000 views were all my toddler who recently discovered this song.

  3. If you like EDM you should check out Church of Bass on Instagram. Usually 1 or 2 free events per month and it's a pretty solid group, huge range of ages. The events are great for meeting people and finding new local artists!

  4. Definitely gonna check this out! Moving to Vegas later this month and I'm desperately going to miss my local EDM community.

  5. Oh man I haven't played this in years and could use some nostalgia tonight.

  6. Anybody have any idea what riser seats are and how they work?? i imagine its a platform on some giant column for everyone to stand on.. or have seats? considering it cost more than floor stage A & B ... it must bet some premium seats

  7. I'm wondering this too because that's the ticket I got with meet and greet VIP selling out so quickly. I'm relying on the access to VIP area A to be up and close for my favs and then enjoy the riser bar in the interim. I hope its a great view!

  8. I'm moving to Vegas next month which will make travel to this so much easier for me!! Can't wait to meet some exols :)

  9. Not playing Smashbros, for the large part I thought Steve was the player's name. Imagine my surprise when I read they were 9 Steves in a Tournament.

  10. LOL yea I gathered it is a character but I had to Google it and I find it hilarious that the most OP character is just "Steve"

  11. This is honestly the first thing I thought of hahaha

  12. Hahaha yes and I loved it. Here for anything that even slightly scratches my itch for more Ace Attorney content.

  13. I get your point, and to be fair a good number of them are primarily Gen Z celebrities, but are you really going to claim you don’t know Sophie Turner and/or she isn’t a celebrity?

  14. I'm sure if I googled Sophie Turner something would be familiar, but from just looking at that list of names the only one I recognize is Bella Hadid.

  15. OHHHH then yea definitely a celebrity. I never watched but I'm sure those who did would know the name.

  16. Lmao that video is wild. Thanks I greatly enjoyed it.

  17. Oddly enough, I just played P4G on my deck offline all last week with no drm issues.

  18. Yea I'm traveling and have played it for a week entirely offline...

  19. I loved him so much that I couldn't even get fully emotionally invested in the other routes lol

  20. I didn't even pay attention to BTOB until this Minhyuk solo comeback and I have been stanning HARD for the last couple weeks. Fans feel free to message me with BTOB facts lol

  21. And you didn't even mention the soundtrack!! Still one of my favorites.

  22. I play games as my stress relief and happy place so I skip bad ends, but if one is infamous for whatever reason I'll pull it up on YouTube. I know some people get their relief/joy from the bad ends too but I personally am not a fan of knowing an alternate sad reality exists at all lol

  23. Haha I read comments before watching and expected something way worse! This is my favorite one from her so far from the Pnation tracks. I might actually listen to this regularly. I love Hyuna and hate that I haven't connected with her music lately so I'm so happy to get something I can actually tolerate on my playlist lol

  24. Did they add the next chapter yet? I caught up with it and have been waiting for more content 😭

  25. Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side! Will always hold a special place in my heart ❤️

  26. I have never bought a piece of otome merch before but every time I see this damn Shu plush I want it so badly lol. Are they still for sale somewhere?

  27. Same! Mine arrived today, a day earlier than scheduled

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