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  1. He wanted her, she didn’t want him?

  2. He just gotta tell her goodbye

  3. Have an Nmom and I’m triggered as fuck.

  4. I’m probably selfish but I just couldn’t. They had sex. 298 times. And it’s barely been a year since they broke up. I’d be so uncomfortable. I don’t want to be uncomfortable and insecure at my wedding. Plus unbeknownst to me, they were still in love so…

  5. Free the children at the border.

  6. I’m trying to get Musketeer via B2 of Winter’s Crown in war archives. Is there a reason she won’t drop no matter how many times I do it?

  7. We lost 4 castaways this year. Ralph from redemption island. Clay from Thailand, Roger from Amazon, and now Dan from Nicaragua. As if things couldn't get any worse. The voice of Batman passed away a few days ago too.

  8. Kevin Conroy is gone?!?!?!?!

  9. When she covered the story of the man and his dog instead of the robbery in progress.

  10. This one I thought wasn’t dumb but extremely endearing.

  11. We’re all little Phantoms of the Opera, aren’t we?

  12. Take the baby and run, the man wishes you were dead, he might do something about it.

  13. Man… she has all those saved… that’s gotta be painful.

  14. “Are you saying you don’t wanna get, with, this?”

  15. Karla and James are the Duo of Assassins I never knew I needed.

  16. Geo please save my cinnamon roll Ryan. He’s obviously been very sleep deprived and not thinking clearly.

  17. Because there’s something physically wrong with my body, where I’m chronically fatigued and weak, and no one will listen, or can’t figure out what’s wrong, and I already can barely function when I have to raise my beautiful 3 year old boy.

  18. Ok so I need to know what all these games are right now.

  19. I have ever since I went to bite my nails and ate shit.

  20. Chapter 1: WHY DON’T YOU LIKE ME?

  21. That’s the forward. Chapter one is “My first Period”.

  22. When Karla and James gave each other the look I knew Lindsay was a goner.

  23. Please nobody hurt my Cinnamon Roll Ryan.

  24. Is Coco a fiddle? Because Cody played them like one! 😜

  25. I’m autistic and personally think Gabler using the palm fronds as blankets was a very sweet gesture.

  26. My mom hated Coach Wade so much she quit watching.

  27. My first run through when my brain wasn’t yet fully developed, I hated his face.

  28. Also the actor who played Sal was also the waiter at the medieval restaurant Dorothy and John Noretti went to

  29. I always like to think the Jester is Sal watching over her 😊

  30. Ethan (3), Rupert (7), Edna (23), David (33), Maryanne (42)

  31. You and your spouse might not recognize each other afterwards.

  32. My MIL asked me if I’m ready for a second and I said “NO. I’m not even sure if I want to get pregnant again” and she responded “Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet for the greater good”.

  33. What is this "greater good" they speak of lol how is it for the greater good to have more kids???

  34. Maybe she secretly thinks I might be her only chance at having grandkids so she’s pushing? Well actually, I’d be pushing.

  35. Mine’s his “Mad Day Out” look. Close to this, but without the mustache and his hair was more flowy.

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