1. Please OP get out of there. That case manager will be your best friend. You have come so far you can do this. I have a N mother and a step father that has enabled her for 40 years. You may be eligible for more assistance with the epilepsy. You find people who love you for you. I’m so sorry what you had to go through at BYU.

  2. How often are you having seizures now? If you haven't had one for a year you can get your license back.

  3. This hurts looking at it. Makes me reflect mine may not be that bad. But it hurts to do much of anything. I hope you are able to get relief.

  4. Currently working hard to save up to either go to Canada or Europe because FUCK this country.

  5. My hubby and I feel the same. It’s so sad. I have a good friend that lives in Ontario. She has a much better quality of life than we do.

  6. Good advice for OP. Since you are a household you both should apply for SNAP. I’m sorry you are in this position. Things are rough right now for a lot of people.

  7. I would like to try that Herbivore Super Nova eye cream or the Pharmacy honey eye cream, the new chocolate Laneige, and the Biogeo density hair line

  8. Gwen is only concerned about herself. Lol. It seems like when there is a good product we want to try it’s on its way out the door being discontinued because a new product is coming out. Frustrating.

  9. I don't know about OP, but a coworker mentioned to me that they were doing covid boosts -- where people who were getting smaller EBT amounts -- say they were eligible for $67.... Were getting a boosted amount to the maximum allowable during Covid benefits. I'm making numbers up here, but if the max for a household could be $317 for those two years since Covid, going back to $67 will likely hit a lot of houses hard.

  10. Try Elta md. I had the same issue with Vera ve and don’t have that with elta. I apply after about a min

  11. Don’t forget about Womacks son. He wants to control my body but he can’t seem to get his own family affairs in order. Kind of ironic?

  12. Still would've been in the news, since I'm sure that local news down there would be content partners with the other stations around the state

  13. My parents and friends knew about the snow we got. They are in the northeast.

  14. Agreed. It feels like 'false advertising.' If someone is depending on someone to read the whole thing (which I think someone should do anyways) and not go by the picture, I may as well put up a picture of a Gucci purse to get the attention but what I'm really selling is just the picture of the purse. It bugs me too.

  15. Exactly they are trying to lure you in. Since pics and descriptions are so important on Mercari that is false advertising. Mercari needs to do something about it.

  16. Ding. Ding. You have won the best lucky bag contents! Congratulations. I have used the Bader light face cream but I think this is their new formula. It was fairly good but not worth the price of 249.00. I hope you enjoy all of these products. Happy New Year!

  17. They should resend your order and add some good stuff in there for having to deal with this. We all work hard for our money and when stuff like this happens it’s very upset. If I can remember over the years they did replace missing and damaged items. Keep us updated.

  18. This is disgusting Boxy is sending out old expired products. Isn’t there some type of law to protect consumers from expired products? Especially for cosmetics.

  19. I find Trader Joe’s to be the same. I’d never do a full grocery trip there because somethings I can find cheaper at other groceries. But there are other things there that are better quality and equal price than elsewhere.

  20. I wish we had a Trader Joe’s in the south. I miss Trader Joe’s in CA.

  21. Where do you live? I live in Louisiana and we have 2 or 3.

  22. Why is OP getting downvoted every reply? They literally just learned about Mercari’s $200 limit. But yes, list only items that are less than $200 unless you’re willing to risk losing any amount past it.

  23. We have used the bank of fayetteville for 20 years and no issues. When I met my hubby he was always frustrated with B of A so he switched. I worked for a big bank financial company and even we had problems with B of A.

  24. OMG that Soleil Heating Brush will just not go away, I have three of those damn things.....The next thing you know Boxycharm and Ipsy will be on the corner giving these damn things away lol.

  25. I was thinking the same when I saw the brush. Lol. It always seems to pop up again. I think some had problems with it smoking if I remember. I never used mine. I have an Amika large one I got cheap because it was a display model.

  26. I get up and walk out when a doctor or other care provider tells me I don’t have fibromyalgia or it isn’t real. Cause my pain from the past 20 years is definitely real. I used to sit there in torture cause I usually wanted to pop the provider. Been there too many times so I don’t give them my time of day. Nothing says I have to stay for an appointment when there is clearly an idiot standing in front of me. Sorry for the rant. I’m so sorry u were treated like this OP.

  27. Please don’t use these on your eyes or face. You can easily get sick and bad irritation on the face and especially eyes.

  28. Grease Monkey is the best. Heavy hitting floaty high. Very happy high. Helps my depression and fibromyalgia.

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