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  1. Ehh it works. It doesnt run perfectly but its enough to play most games at 50-60fps

  2. Nice suggestion, may try. I've heard of create mod but didn't know they added trains

  3. The new update added trains, steam engines and some other stuff

  4. i love hl2 so much because it gets nearly every single tiny detail pretty accurate to real life, but then they make the spas a double barrel

  5. The bfg doesn't even need to fire in v1's general direction

  6. Thats not really right, the bfg projectile deals damage on impact but the energy beams it gives off target only argent energy so those only hit people with argent implants or demons

  7. i’m waiting 12 hours to see the best game recommendations. this is on the list

  8. Im pretty sure you cant shoot coins and punch your own bullets in that game

  9. i just google auto clicker and click the first non ad link.

  10. That one first result with that simple grey icon on sourceforge

  11. Yeah that’s what i use, icon is grey computer mouse, you can set right or left click and breaks between clicks

  12. Just dig out all the dirt from one of youre mates base. Just leave the first layer of grass. They will be buffeled, as soon as they replace a floor or something.

  13. They try to replace the floor and see a massive hole going to bedrock

  14. I change weapons constantly but i know that i havent fired a single bfg or unmaykr shot in a few months

  15. Loosing both arms seperatly due to a sword, then loosing both legs because of an axe and then decapitated with a knife

  16. Projectile boosting, its essential if you want to become better

  17. I don’t want to make the shotguns more challenging just to fix the half cocking issue. I’m no gun expert but I feel like in real life the pump mechanism would require a decent amount of force to operate and since we’re in VR and there’s no weight or force to pull against it just feels kinda awkward and flimsy when using it.

  18. Keeping the shotgun like its rn allows something close to slam firing which is way more fun

  19. Wait if i read this right, this kid was just muted?

  20. Thats very lucky but not as rare as some would expect

  21. extrapolating from that, a goliath boss would be cool! imagine fighting a 9 ft guy in solid gold armour with a giant sword

  22. Nice sword you got there let me just parry every attack with a comically small dagger

  23. Malternativ would be good if you want a guy to yell at ads or whatever he hates at today

  24. Tbf the simplest explanation for both those things is, I assume at least in your part, neither of us are CIS, and humans tend to gravitate towards similar people

  25. Hand over your powers, i need to learn how to do that

  26. Your son is lying. Buy a game on steam and you can play it how long you want whenever you want, the only reason for doing something like that is wanting money for new games

  27. Jedes jahr ich kanns nicht mehr aushalten und es geht immer weiter

  28. I think it's supposed to reduce vandalism

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