1. Pretty much every one I've used. Once you get into high-end commercials they tend to have addons that aim to ground the grounds or similar, but even those aren't perfect.

  2. Heya! Can you please upload a timestamped + username photo of your grinder & let me know once that's in place?

  3. Yep! My bad on that. I’ll have a pic uploaded as soon as I get home this evening. Thanks!

  4. Hey OP, your enthusiasm for your method is appreciated and welcome - but devoting a whole paragraph to potshots and snideness isn't a great fit for the culture we'd prefer to cultivate here. I recognize you're wanting to clap back at a perspective you've seen elsewhere, but when that wasn't showing up in this room - you've introduced hostility that wasn't otherwise present.

  5. Why would you need cultural context to experiment and successfully make white coffee?

  6. Wow this feels like a comically loaded response?

  7. What's "loaded" about it? From what you had to say - it reads more like you were a little bothered that I went out of my way to respect something other people do that I don't particularly care for? Which is ... pretty fragile.

  8. Waterfront would have been a dream. I wonder if there is any land from that huge lot on false Creek available

  9. That would be great; the city would be pretty hesitant about a third stadium in close radius, given that Beatty / Yaletown are a mess when both stadiums have events on the same night. That former-expo land is firmly entrenched in a bunch of really complicated rights fights because it's owned by developers who are trying to get out of the deal they made with the city obliging certain amounts of supportive/affordable housing. It's not out of reach, but VWFC would be risking putting itself in the middle of a fight that's been ongoing for a decade or more.

  10. Do you think the people living near Swangard Stadium would protest if they redeveloped it into a larger stadium?

  11. Yes, probably; notes are comparative descriptions, and do not denote that there's overlapping compounds likely to trigger an allergy.

  12. I didn't mean to brush off the work of people like Scott Rao, as he has literally written the book(s) on coffee.

  13. Sorry guys, just finished a long day of work. Thank you all so much for continuing the discussion-- especially

  14. It is not our plan to do so, especially as surveys and market research are specifically forbidden.

  15. Correct. That being said, a vacant condo insurance won't cover water damage almost always.

  16. I understand where youre coming from with your own hurt and experiences, but we do not and never have known these people. Theres no reason to assume ned was Abusive behind the scenes. thats a step too far with making assumptions about the private life of some internet famous dude.

  17. Love bombing is not exclusive to discussions of abuse - it is a manipulation tactic.

  18. I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but does anyone have an alternative to Hoffmann's dosing cups? Those things look cool, but not enough for me to drop 50 CAD on one, let alone two.

  19. Honestly, I use ziploc-brand 'tupperware' containers, at like $0.35 each.

  20. My dad was cleaning his Delonghi ESAM 4200.s bean to cup machine and found this on the floor. It has coffee stains, so it's definitely for the machine, but both of us have no idea where it goes back into. Anyone have an idea?

  21. That looks like a portafilter rest; where the spout on the PF fits through that hole in the bottom.

  22. They're saying the fan reaction doesn't fit well with the idea that they've 'proven' that the show isn't still carried by VM.

  23. Ok, fair - that's enough of a reach I missed the connection.

  24. I don’t think you understood me? I’m not sure how your reply tracks with what I said.

  25. The terminology, at least, seems to trace to Norway:

  26. The terminology is traced to the BBS communities that article 'came from' - it was coined by early Specialty Coffee communities online as a way of talking about different types of consumers and consumer preferences.

  27. This is potentially a fraught discussion, but is probably a worthwhile and entertaining one as well - I'm going to take sticky slot to clarify some base points and hope that's enough to spin this positive.

  28. What you're describing is unusual enough that it's more "doctor's advice" than "community feedback" territory. Having numbness / chilling in extremities due to coffee is definitely not typical.

  29. I guess all cyclists should compete in the same events as Louis Armstrong then. But no Armstring actually got banned and all his titles stripped. Hans has not been banned yet

  30. I read once that the ideal storage conditions for beans are what we'd essentially all expect - in an airtight container that doesn't let in light. So I have a jar for my beans. But a lot of people just dump a bag into their grinder when they get it, even though the hopper is transparent.

  31. It depends on airflow into the hopper, and how much light reaches the hopper.

  32. If you buy an expresso maker/grinder combo can you use the grinder when you are not using the expresso machine?

  33. Has anyone found a better compatible metal basket filter for the OXO 8-cup? I currently use this: Basket 8-12 Cup Perment Coffee...

  34. No one makes one targeted at the OXO 8-cup, and it's a bit of a niche request, so you may need to experiment with different metal screens of about that size if you're unhappy with the current one.

  35. Can I pair a nice espresso machine with a cheap grinder and get decent results?

  36. Sure, you "can" get decent results. It's a lot harder, will be much less consistently decent, and may not necessarily be possible depending on exact details of the setup and your own aptitudes - it's impossible to make that sort of call with realistic accuracy from this side of the screen.

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