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  1. This might be the most back Texas has ever been. Interesting to see how this all pans out.

  2. It’s like every year has the same “texas is back” nonsense, but this year…. This year legitimately feels different. I’m not saying they’re making the playoffs this year but I’m optimistic for the program.

  3. This is so fake it’s hilarious you idiots believe this shit. He was never a “key witness”.

  4. What’s that? I told you the fairytale bubble you’re living in is in the way blocking you from reality, so I can’t understand you.

  5. You can’t hear or understand me? Bout time to put you down, grandpa. Off to that big McDonald’s in the sky for you.

  6. This makes no sense. If it was the “bias democrat’s” investigation, and they get to chose who they have testify…. Why would they need to kill the witness THEY SELECTED to get to testify? Lol

  7. The reptilian Dems lie through their stinking mouths again!

  8. Funny this guy has no name and is just “secret service agent” lol and “Blaze Media” reporting it? Lol couldn’t be anything untrue there….

  9. I’ve been hearing that Trump’s going to jail since 2016…

  10. Just turned 30 in January. These are all wrong. My Harley is my personality.

  11. Welcome to our new Christian Nationalist Authoritarian country!

  12. This is CFB in 2022…there is nothing to stop Ewers from transferring again.

  13. I mean the fact that he’s used his one free transfer will definitely stop him from transferring again. He’s going on 2 years removed from HS. A transfer after this season which would force him to sit a season and he’ll be a full 3 years removed from HS before he starts again. Not going to happen.

  14. Fun Fact: Trump’s vote total (74,216,154) would round DOWN to 74,000,000 not up to 75,000,000

  15. Dude awesome! I’m about to do it in mine here in about a week. I also have the V&H short shots! Any tips/tricks for the install?

  16. Replace your header exhaust gaskets while you have the exhaust off the bike.

  17. TCTM on Amazon. They feel really solid and a fraction of the price of HD

  18. I have had mine on for 2 years on my Nightster with zero negative things to say about them. For the price, they are above and beyond anything else.

  19. Can I get some context on NASCAR and the USMC?

  20. Nascar banned the Confederate Flag at their races/events and hurt their “heritage”.

  21. I rock a Mustang Solo on my Nightster. I absolutely love it.

  22. Their fans will still be quick to tell you how tough the SEC is, and how they’d be top-middle/top of the pack in any other conference…

  23. She was my first Harley. I will never get rid of that bike.

  24. Just some windmill in a sprouting cornfield off a back road in central Illinois.

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