1. Would it affect singleplayer games with online activities? (The games I have in mind are Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Ghost of Tsushima, and Assassin's Creed Unity).

  2. The singing in Icarus is carried entirely by its chorus, so I have to say Icarus.

  3. The Breach isn't better than the other opening songs in my opinion, but I think it sets the stage for the album really well.

  4. I actually really like the raider dye on the traveler's attire, especially when I'm playing on Iki.

  5. There are two secret quests in the game that you need to follow the yellow birds to get to. I don't remember their names, but I do remember one was around a central outpost in the northern region.

  6. wait how did you change the color of the second half of the body?

  7. In the decals section, you can apply blood splatters to either the weapons or the body. You can manipulate the size and location of these decals, and you can also change the color; which is what I did.

  8. Hey op I have no idea what heroforge is other then its involved with mintures xD do you think you could link it pls

  9. I included the links to my models in the caption of each picture, which if you wanted you could just make a new template from there, but the website is just

  10. I liked how in Shadow of War, Talion and Celebrimbor are having a constant struggle with Talion wanting to save the remaining Gondorians and Celebrimbor just wanting to kill (enslave) Sauron; I thought it was cool how it came full circle at the end, with Talion being tired of Celebrimbor's immorality and releasing Isildur. I feel like Talion just does generally cooler things throughout Shadow of War, which doesn't make it necessarily a better story, but I like it more partially because of that.

  11. I always see Faultline get dislike and flack, I can't be the only one who likes it a good bit right?

  12. I think the song is pretty decent and doesn't deserve some of the hate it gets, but I do think a lot of the other songs in Divisions are just better.

  13. I'd say vocal delivery because, though it seems this may be an unpopular opinion, I think most of Starset's songs have relatively simple lyrics (though I don't have a similar enough band for comparison). What gets me is their delivery. You can't have Icarus without its intertwined highs and lows in each line of the chorus. You can't have Bringing it Down without its emotion provoking mixture of anger and fear in its tone. The reason Something Wicked hit so hard at the end of Horizons was because, in contrast with the other songs, Dustin brilliantly compiled a bunch of negative emotions into his delivery, like sadness, fear, and confusion. The vocal delivery of Starset's songs make the band as good as it is.

  14. It's not exactly a similar subgenre of rock similar to Starset, but I enjoy listening to a band called Theocracy.

  15. I'd definitely recommend the Horizons hoodie, it's my personal favorite design so far (though I haven't checked the shop since October).

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