1. Pre internet days everyone either put regular dishsoap or knows someone who did and got bubbles everywhere. Had to learn by trail and error.

  2. I poop maybe every other day. How do you manage to poop multiple times a day? Where does it all come from?

  3. It's great having a fast metabolism. I shit a few times a day and can eat whatever I want. It's a chore to try and out weight on.

  4. Dude, teenagers have been underage drinking and doing drugs forever. Vaping would be a lot easier. But using any critical thinking there's not too many ways to get a vape. Fake id, get someone of age to buy for you, steal, or summon one through dark forces. Hopefully you can figure this obvious question out.

  5. The average person urinates 6- 8 times a day. He lived till 60. Not including diapers this man pissed over 100,000 times. Why is this rock special? Even if Jesus christ, Muhammad, and Marty Mcfly threeway pissed on that rock it wouldn't deserve a plaque. I love history but everyone pisses.

  6. Because tourist attraction. It's not special, but they know he did it here so they can slap a title on it and make it seem important. Any location or object tied to a famous person has significance to someone.

  7. I'm sure if a Kardashian farted on a leaf people you flock to see it. I dont get it and I never will.

  8. Why dont governments make Healthcare free? Why dont governments step in and stop allowing corporations from buying up all the houses making rent unaffordable? Why don't governments make game of thrones remake the last season?

  9. Never been my true self to anyone. No one wants to hear the crazy shit that pops in my head.

  10. I want you to talk about my dick size. Do you know how large 5 feet is? Probably talking wingspan but who would word it that way?

  11. If an ad in America aired about how Bigfoot was running around Oregon, people would 100% believe it.

  12. In actuality probably 3 people would believe it. Then the news would interview them and make a way bigger deal.

  13. I mean if you're broke as shit then why bother. But good coffee is cheap. Like less than 5 bucks more. If you're not scrapping by then why wouldn't you.

  14. Because people who use shady porn sites aren't broadcasting their shitty malware.

  15. Why would you need to? Why does the world need to know that you prefer pizza cut that way?

  16. Do whatever you want. It's insane to me that you feel it's necessary to share this through. You can't even go to a restaurant or the gym without half the people posting about it these days. I guess I'm just as bad because here I am bitching about your stupid post.

  17. Do you think someone being a criminal gives you purge status? Would you assume if you saw someone stealing you could rape them? Jesus, really pushing it on the stupid questin here.

  18. Am I wrong on what this sub means? I assume 9 out of 10 dentists. So one disagrees with the popular opinions. So blue vs brown would probably fit. But I keep seeing people like blue but I prefer unfiltered shit.

  19. How do I get paid to be the guy that catches the ball? My job is killing me and that seems awesome.

  20. Man if you have to say some of my best friends are black to begin with then you already fucked up. You wouldn't think about saying something sexist and justify it because your mom is a woman.

  21. I wonder which dolphin fact has been posted more. This one or the rape one

  22. Worked at a trampoline place. The job was basically telling people not to double bounce each other. No one listened. Saw a lot of snapped legs. If only someone warned them.

  23. Never done it but is it not obvious that you just exhale through tour nose? Like blatantly obvious.

  24. They think liberals will take thier freedom and force them to eat bugs. Republicans are way more annoying compared to liberals. Which is saying a lot.

  25. It's food not shit. Never been disgusted by food. Definitely had stuff I didn't enjoy but not disgusted.

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