1. Ich weiß ja nicht ob eine Mutter mit einem Baby zurück zu lassen, da die beste Alternative ist

  2. INFO Ich denke, zu so einer Geschichte gehört eine Vorgeschichte. Gibt es eine Vorgeschichte mit deiner Tante? Mit deinen Eltern? Hilfst du im Haushalt? Bist du halbwegs gut in der Schule? Verschwindest du nach der Schule vor den PC und warst nicht mehr gesehen?

  3. Perfekter Kommentar aber ich finde nicht dass zu sehe auf Noten geachtet werden sollte auch wenn es gern gesehen ist.

  4. Expect many more “out of the blue” traits to randomly appear. It’s the nature of the show, HIMYM was the exact same way. Watched them for 4 seasons, then one episode they all smoke cigarettes 🤣

  5. Most off the original gang best gags got introduced later on (like Aldrin-Justice) so I don't think it's out of the blue

  6. One of the main reasons is sons having daddy issues and daughters having mommy issues.

  7. Promiscuous women have daddy issues, playboys have mommy issues lol

  8. Yeah, it starts ok but becomes great when they're flanderised about halfway through the first season.

  9. I feel like Community fleshed their characters more out as it went on. We got to see goofy and emotional sides of Jeff, Britta became funny and wasn't the only voice of reason, Troyer stopped being the average Jack, Abed was always fine

  10. I’m sure I’ll be downvoted to oblivion but still I’m going to say it.

  11. I feel like Sid is the best match for Sophie so I was sad he married Hannah

  12. Sid and Hannah married at the end of season 1. There's no way they're staying together

  13. You mean like Marshall and lily didn't end up togethet

  14. What the actual fuck. There's a kid who literally begs to not tell his dad yet you think it's a good idea to expose him? Honestly all two of you should fuck themselves

  15. If you draw a cartoon with a gay person in it, you could be South Park, Futurama, or Adventure Time.

  16. No, it doesn't. A great example is how Southpark shows Jesus and how Southpark shows Mohammad.

  17. It is makrooh, wasa’il al shi’a alhur al amily book 21 page 398

  18. Judging by the rest of your comments you are a rabid Trump supporter and misogynist.

  19. What are you on about? All I see is "there is something on the woods" over and over again

  20. I'm very happy for you but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth that he's a very. Please don’t tell me he "served" in Iraq

  21. Yeah they both played with Patrick, got bored and went back together. This is why I mean he was the third wheel? What’s funnier is that Patrick wasn’t just dumped by one of them, he was dumped by both 😂

  22. And people have the audacity to claim he was the one who ruined their relationship 😂

  23. I mean I see what you mean too, but I think it was more Omar.

  24. I agree but Ivan and Omar in season 5 weren't a couple. They were friends with benefits for casual sex. Omar had no problem with Patrick dating Ivan later and he mentioned Ander himself

  25. Come on guys let's slow a bit down. That's by no means serious. You can tell that she covers properly. It's just some kind of silly joke

  26. Not to mention the Jeffrey Dahmer quote that’s included on one of the pages ..

  27. I must have a mental block on this because while I know I read the whole Bemis arc I don’t remember this or anything else when people talk about it.

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