1. Ah yes avenging the murder of civilians by soldiers on... Civilians :bigbrain:

  2. Good thing they lost with less casualties than if they were to be invaded

  3. Not sure who did it first but the first one I saw was with goldmask not talking.

  4. It actually all originated from Batman Arkham sub, they started invading other subs and eventually non Arkham users started adopting the meme

  5. It’s so funny how he goes from a dementia fuelled rant like this and then says some of the most based patriotic shit you could ever hear

  6. He knows. He should’ve posted this in okbf, or maybe he meant to idk. This would be a hit there

  7. I prefer okbf too. But I also really love cum and topping Hughie so I guess it was just meant to be over there

  8. It's kind of a running joke. That's how the joke is supposed to be told, thought I'd be the first one to make it about miquella but apparently not

  9. Every video game sub is already full of you Arkham morons making the same joke. It got very unfunny very fast.

  10. Just in case someone ever forgets how absolutely terrible A-Train really is.

  11. I've never heard that. Rather, I've heard that huskies get along with pretty much any other dog breed.

  12. Jesus christ do you have anything better to do with your life. I know the difference but surprisingly enough your takes 2 less letters to type so is easier.

  13. Jesus Christ did you learn how to play the saxophone in those 2 seconds you saved looking like an illiterate dumbass ?

  14. Learn the fucking difference between your and you're already holy shit

  15. I mean, I kinda hate everyone that tries to kill V equally

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