1. This is the best I could find for international graduate students. It's not a form, but a descriptive webpage. Hope it helps:

  2. Campus doesnt close. Buildings might be locked but campus itself cant "close"

  3. Correct. The campus will still be full of staff people doing work.

  4. You're absolutely right. I missed that OP specifically said Saturday.

  5. Bro as someone who is also from Santa Clara, I was so surprised by the lack of GOOD dining options in Davis. Like we had it sooooo good in Santa Clara/SJ

  6. Shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Davis is surrounded by farmland with 67,000 total residents (not including the campus). Many of those residents are UC Davis students and employees.

  7. The FAFSA is a means for a bunch of other agencies to get access to your financial need information and they need that information to budget and allocate limited funds. That's why it's considered a "priority" deadline- you can still submit your FAFSA after the deadline, but certain programs will not have budgeted for your need and thus can't guarantee they'll be able to fund you as well as they do people who met the deadline.

  8. I can. I have 17 years of experience at UCI and 6 years of experience at UC Davis.

  9. An old street view photos is not helping your argument. It doesn’t even have the ghost bike. I use that intersection every day and it has a red arrow controlling the right turn.

  10. Confirmed. February 2022 Google streets image on Hutchison Drive crossing Dairy Road shows the southbound Dairy Road red light uses a red arrow to control right turns.

  11. Depends on where you live. South Davis? Unlikely. East/Central Davis? 75%.

  12. I love Spiderman, but I grew up with Transformers movies by Michael Bay. Transformers was the MCU before MCU existed. In my mind, it's still better. Amazing CGI and fantastic soundtracks.

  13. Ooof. Old man here. I grew up with Transformer cartoons. I was going through a rough patch in life when a buddy said, "Hey! I'm taking you out to a movie! We're going to watch Transformers!"

  14. Always a good story. I really like the non-headliner characters getting their own shows and showing what life is like outside of hero/villain war. That's the real sci-fi of it all... how does humanity, civilization, or this one person's life change when this huge new variable is introduced.

  15. For getting as much grocery shopping done at once as possible, SaveMart's my choice to save money.

  16. People are bombarding him about everything, including TPUSA, regardless of any statement made or not made.

  17. Student housing is the only somewhat affordable way to go if you can do it. It sucks really but that’s how it be

  18. And there are few things working against the affordability of new student residences:

  19. I'm an older student with a girlfriend and a cat. not all of us can move into the dorms or wait two years to get into family housing (no kid so we wouldnt get in)

  20. The suggestion isn't that existing student housing is sufficient for all students, but that if built affordably would compete with options in the City of Davis, move students onto campus, and open up more opportunities for renters like you.

  21. This is a misconception--the UC is not obligated to host any particular speaker or event (neither is the city). They have discretion over the use of their facilities and grounds, which is why holding an event requires applications, scheduling, logistics, etc. It is completely within the law for the school to say no to an event

  22. So why does the university have to give him use of a building, rather than leaving him to yell on the Quad or something?

  23. Technically, they’re not giving a venue to Charlie Kirk. They’re renting a venue to the student organization running the event and Charlie Kirk is invited. The student org is on the hook for expenses.

  24. There were more pre-pandemic, but not all of them pivoted. The key to success during lockdown was:

  25. Probably not. Classes go on at DUKE/UNC/UCONN during March Madness when games start while classes are in session....The average Davis student could not name three players from the current Kings roster.

  26. The concern is that commencement is being held June 16-18 at the Golden1 Center-- Home of the Sacramento Kings.

  27. What's the chances for them having home court advantage in the finals? Plus chance of a game 7 finals

  28. Historically, 7th games have occurred in 25.3% of NBA finals, but there have been only 4 game 7s in the NBA finals since 1994 (14.3%).

  29. It’s a public private partnership (P3) because the campus doesn’t have enough cash on hand to finance it.

  30. Do these count as uc Davis housing like the green or non uc davis housing like the SOL? Asking because of finicisl aid reasons

  31. Nope. If you pay for C+, you can also park in any other C+, C, or L without paying again.

  32. Be honest and direct and apologize sincerely. You're an adult and so are they.

  33. Moreover, they're more likely to be understanding when the see you show remorse, give context, acknowledge how your actions affect others, and state how you'll ensure to not put yourself in the position to want to cheat again.

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