1. i had a conversation with a coworker back when Obama was first running for Prez.

  2. Yeah they’re terrified of being a minority, sexual freedom, the younger generations becoming more liberal, a Wild West shootout happening at Wendy’s, lizard people, politicians drinking children’s blood, etc

  3. Even if this is to criticize him or make fun of how much a miserable human being he is, we are all his “useful idiots” because ultimately he continues to exist because we keep talking about him. That’s pretty sad…

  4. Sure, people like him keep existing bc we speak about them and not bc the system is mercilessly rigged in their favour….


  6. The only world leader dumber than Putin, what kind of moron tries to fix inflation with interest rate cuts, it's like putting out a fire with petrol

  7. „One of the world's worst inflation crises has not derailed the Turkish economy so far, as the rise in consumer spending and tourism are pushing growth in Turkiye to be among the fastest in the G20.

  8. Can someone with a bit of knowledge explain why would they cut the rates when inflation is high? All I know is increasing rates decreases inflation but reduces growth.

  9. „The main reason Turkey is ignoring this theory is because its strongman President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, believes it is wrong, although he has not been super forthcoming about why he thinks higher interest rates cause inflation. Some people think his interest-rate-slashing stance can be best explained by a statement he made in late 2021 about how he has to follow Islamic teachings. Islam forbids Muslims from charging or receiving interest, because of its belief that taking money off someone as part of a financial transaction is unjust and promotes inequality. In other words, perhaps the policy is less to do with altering inflation and more to do with Erdogan's push to make Turkey more religious.“

  10. Oh absolutely, but they’re witnessing so much change and are terrified of it, clinging on to a past that’s not serving anyone anymore while we want to move forward lol

  11. That’s again how social evolution works. What did people in the 60s and 70s go through in terms of change? I get it people hate change but the rate of changes is hardly out of the ordinary

  12. Just goes to show that none of these illiterates ever picked up the original Christian Andersen fairy tale. She’s not a hot blonde or anything….

  13. He only needs to look at us over here in the UK - farmers begging for workers because the (immigrant) workforce didn’t come because of Brexit and the food was just rotting in the fields.

  14. I was hoping to put a worried parent more at ease by sharing my personal experience eating the plant. Your reaction is totally warranted if you believe it's really dangerous, so thanks for being willing to put it out there if you're concerned. You're right that it contains solanine (the namesake of the solanum genus), and that solanine poisoning is a thing, but as you say, "at high doses". Potatoes and other nightshades we consider food can contain it too in some amounts, and care even should be given to eating those. Many foods you likely have in your house now are dangerous at high doses, like cinnamon. Maybe you're thinking of Deadly Nightshade (Atropa Belladona)? Or maybe you're reading different info than I am, in which case, please share. I definitely don't want to eat anything dangerous. Here are some of the things I'm looking at for reference that have made me feel safe eating it:

  15. Don’t get why your comment is being downvoted for sharing information with sources….🤔

  16. And why are they reusing the same needle that they just keep in their purse 😭😭

  17. If you jab syringes into people with asking, they will probably kick your ass or hysterically call an ambulance. Or both.

  18. The term idiot seems to be a harassment flag. I was given a seven day ban from a sub like six months ago for saying someone sounded like an idiot. After that I asked the mod to permaban and he obliged.

  19. Better to call someone ignorant and not an idiot. A lot of swear words are ableist unfortunately, idiot is one of them. I personally like numbnuts

  20. This is not just alcohol….I remind you of Rush Limbaugh another angry fascist ranter

  21. Then how do you connect to your sex drive?

  22. So he can upload data into his schlong

  23. Probably WAY harder than Iale it sound lol unless it already exists or impossible to do. I dunno. Would just be cool lol filters suck

  24. But tbh, my mum and dad both deny they did/said anything wrong... Still both blame me for being born... Like i had a chouce...

  25. My mum is just selfish, gullible, and has no empathy and is a total gaslighter. My dad is a total narssisist. Any guesses what my daughter's mother turned out to be? A gaslighting, narssisistic abuser... Abuse types need to be taught in school... Would save a lot of pattern repetition...

  26. Or the contents of this book & how to know thyself and your shadow aspects should be taught in school:

  27. „Narcissists’ refusal to self-reflect allows them to repress their shame and avoid looking at how their grandiosity affects others, but it also prevents them from developing self-awareness and learning from their mistakes. This is why they tend to have a simplistic view of their childhoods, lack insight into their relationships, and become enraged when confronted with their own behavior. Narcissists are strangers to themselves, and they want to keep it that way.“

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