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  1. Just wait 2 years from the last inquires, use credit karma and experian both offer free information to help you on your credit building journey. I suggest staying away from annual fees and don’t rush into getting a credit card. Build an emergency fund, get a good cushion so that when you’re able to get a credit card you’ll be in a better position to use it responsibly

  2. Garlic breath 2.0 by buckeye be putting my ass down, so does lemon dosido also by buckeye, and dark rainbow by certified was pretty good as well

  3. It hit my bank account. Thanks for letting me know. I don’t think I would’ve noticed it😅

  4. These be 10x the cost of regular grapes 😭 almost grabbed some by mistake.

  5. A nuclear bomb is about to detonate and vaporize everyone in the scene. OP is having some fun by making it seem like an idyllic situation because many people know what happens next.

  6. This was an intense scene for 5 year old me. We saw it in theaters and I enjoyed it very much. But this definitely caught me off guard

  7. I’ve only ever gotten halves of galenas on sale. Most I’d pay for a half is $155 OTD and even then I feel a little guilty of spending so much. It’s good no doubt but overpriced. They really need some more dispensaries and more cultivators and more competitive pricing all across the board.

  8. Let’s see that what the stereo options are. I believe you would press media not once but twice to switch between modes, the usb would work the same way, you could maintain a charge on your device and play music through the usb port, it also sends information like song title and artist when usb option as well.

  9. Animal Face is one of all time favorites! Anything with Animal in it just does something to me but that strain from Woodward was absolutely amazing!

  10. I’m glad you found my post helpful. This community has definitely helped me a ton over the past 2 years and so it’s nice to know i made a good contribution

  11. Label pic would be dope. I’d love to see the terpes and harvest date. This is definitely one of my top 10 strains

  12. If it were a 11 year old Lexus or Acura with solid maintenance record for that price but a Chrysler with 100k is at about the end of its life. I worked at Chrysler, dodge, jeep, and ram for a short time and learned pretty quickly that those customer don’t maintain their vehicles like honda or lexus customers. Lexus cars even 10 years old were clean and well maintained. 2 year old Hondas and Toyotas were coming in trashy and stinky as well. So I would definitely recommend a higher end vehicle if you’re looking to keep those cheaper payments, but with used car prices up so high year over year it almost makes better sense financially in the long run to get a brand new base model if it’s comparable in total cost.

  13. Yo I’m having issues with the Mountain Dew endorsement deal. It says that I completed all the necessary requirements for it I even played the game with dr disrespect and got the deal but I didn’t get the vc or the vest. Does anyone have a fix for that ? Also it’s not under the completed quest list

  14. Same. It was one of the first quests I tried. I wasn’t successful. Did everything else but this still remains incomplete. The quest icon is still there but the Dr is not. Hopefully there is a patch soon as it’s been over a month 🥺

  15. For me what I had to do was close 2k and go back to where Dr.Disrespect was and the quest was there. It just wasn’t popping up with the rest. I finally ended up getting the Mountain Dew endorsement

  16. Finally worked with that patch yesterday. I was able to collect the VC and the items, as well as a bunch of MVP points from quests already completed.

  17. I’d love to come up on a half bag of this right about now, or ever 😮‍💨 it’s been a while since I’ve seen this one and it not be trim

  18. I agree, it’s good but I feel like it’s so strong and that chemical taste just wasn’t doing it for me.

  19. May I ask you what you mean by chemical taste? I swear my last few Klutch purchases of completely different strains all had the exact same chemical smell and taste. Not a natural weed "chem" smell either. I havent had O43 in a long time though.

  20. Some kind of cleaner, it might be a preference for some. But I wasn’t really digging it. It does have a shit ton of terpinolene and maybe that’s it. Whatever it is comes across as a pine-sol type smell and taste,!I like it because of its uniqueness but it’s overwhelming

  21. Thanks I did try a vape of Garlic breath and just wasn’t a fan of the flavor but really haven’t used carts much and don’t prefer them have thought about trying out the flower though to see if it was the cart or the profile itself I was tasting

  22. I recommend luster pods, you might be able to find a starter kit around $60 and then lusters usually for $35-55, depending on the sale. As far as taste and delivery I definitely think it’s much better than the standard 510 cart. So much so I haven’t bought a cart in over a year. Buckeye relief makes great pods and so does Klutch, you mentioned the flavor of the carts, if you like a more natural taste then definitely the pods are the way to go, especially if you can find a live resin luster pod, it’s like they truly capture the essence of the flower, definitely the way to go.

  23. Do you find the luster pods burning faster than 510 carts? I've read others saying that was their experience

  24. I would say I hit the luster twice as much as a cart because I actually enjoy the flavor and feeling, so it would seem to go quicker but as far as how long it last me. A pod last me about 10 days and cart would last me about 12. I do have a gram or so of flower every day so that may help, but it seems as though I stay pretty well medicated throughout the day every day and the luster is well worth it

  25. I'm on my third jar. Definitely a "fan favorite" as my best friend Tj (rip) used to say. The orange 43 is super lemony too. It's my first time purchasing a sativa since getting my card. I'm impressed overall with klutch. I felt more off this than the ice cream cake. ICC is perfect if you want to fall asleep though

  26. I agree with you completely, I have just finished off the o43 yesterday morning, the icc I save for when I’m ready to go down quickly, this put me down as well but I still had time to enjoy a quick game of 2k

  27. "I was so amazed I think I said to myself this had to be grown in like a lab, with scientists and technicians going this way and that trying to perfect this stuff"

  28. exactly like that, They had to be to get it to come out like it did! Everything about it was great 😭😭😭

  29. Hey, I have a question, every single amp I’ve ever bought came with a remote bass control knob?? Why are they charging him $40 for it???

  30. Prices have gone up over the past year. The sneak peaks used to be 66 OTD on sale for a 8.49 bag now they are $76 OTD for a 5.66 bag. They’ve also been pushing for more 2.83s so they can hit me for 35-45 instead of having more half bags available for 100, the half’s are 140-180. Sometimes I see 30% off and I take advantage of that but it comes out to be 10/g out the door. Luster pods are still 45-70. Edibles I stay away from because of the pricing as well. Same incredibles bars here on sale for $25 I’ve seen in arizona for $8. I understand they’re recreational now and have been going for quite a while but it would definitely be great to see some kind of progress. I had to renew about 90 days ago and I almost hadn’t because towards my last days prices seemed to be getting higher

  31. I haven’t seen that name specifically but I’ve gotten mimosa by verano and it was very close, so I search for it on iheartjane and it’s not available currently but there is a “Lembas Dough” a Galenas-bred strain. A cross of Electric Peanut Butter Cookies (my favorite)x Mimosa x Crescendo . With that bit of mimosa in there I’m sure it’ll have that flavor profile you’re looking for.

  32. The big head is pretty damn good, I smashed an ice cream cake most recently, but I’m also a fan of the super sour orange and the jealousy I’ve had 2 of each.

  33. Sunny side does it too they are better about it but I’ve put an order in an hour before I get there and checked in and while I was waiting in line a guy comes out and says my name and that they sold out of a certain flower I had ordered so don’t think that just because you put an order in hours before you’ll get there or as soon as an hour that you get there that you will be promised your product.

  34. Same happened to me, as I’m getting checked in they came from the back to let them know the 1 and only item I had ordered just sold out. It was a preorder from the night before, I had just got off work and was checking in. Sold my product because they didn’t think I was coming, it was 530pm and they close at 7pm.

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