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  1. He looks great! I could see him as a boss in Darkest Dungeon.

  2. Wow… you are wasting a lot of space my guy. Have you heard of our lord and savior blueprints, yet? Have you unlocked them yet? Cause if not you can just use smart mod to help with building, it basically makes you able to zoop in any direction forever. It also helps with building factories, and if you can’t afford to make more machines… then make more of the machines that produce the parts that make machines, you gotta start industrializing, also build vertical, it helps waste less space when building giant things like mega factories

  3. I disagree, I like to leave empty spaces in my factories, large walkway and high ceilings are pretty!

  4. Same, I hate spiders. One of my favorite games has an Arachnophobia mode that turns spiders into meme cat faces that meow.

  5. This! It's used on Pc building to help you get those small components

  6. I also use it as a body piercer to grab small jewelry to screw them on the piercing!

  7. The dog scene from The thing by John Carpenter. Granted I was young; but this scene stuck with me for years!

  8. Loved Bionicles when I was younger, so I invented a username that sounded like a name from the Bionicle universe!

  9. I have no idea how well it sold but I love "Into the breach" made by the same developers as FTL

  10. I couldn't agree more, I was looking for an app like tinder but to make friends and I'm surprised that nothing like that exist!

  11. It's really cool! I just think his left arm should go a little more forward on the walking animation!

  12. EA might be allergic to money. I am not sure if there even is a support for f2p accounts, so at this point I can't even suggest any solutions that do not involve contacting these dumbasses.

  13. I checked there is no support when you're not subscribed except a phone line. I ended up redeeming a code through Amazon... But it's infuriating that you have to do it this way...

  14. Let me guess. You're living in Russia or Belarus?

  15. +1 same here! Except I don’t have these fancy + cute containers you’ve got here! Mind… sharing? ☺️

  16. Oh I've bought them from a dollar store called "action" In Belgium. But I mainly use them to store my warhammer bits ahah!

  17. Just some allergy pills ahahah didn't even notice them!

  18. I'm almost 30, and yeah it's harder to find older people here! If anyone wanna say hi, hit me up!

  19. I'm a body piercer in a tattoo shop, I work with my girlfriend and I meet all kind of people it's awesome!

  20. Spacing and organization is quite nice, congrats. It's just a tad bit dark for my taste.

  21. Maybe I should add a row on window on the roof. That's not a bad idea!

  22. Nice build. Looks amazing. I really like the maintenance area with nice access to your belt work really cool details.

  23. She threw me out when I was 5 because her boyfriend didn't like me...

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