1. I, not a true kino conoisseur obviously, have never watched an MCU movie or series.

  2. I would consider him so late that he will 100% not be available anymore. let someone else deal with this headache.

  3. oh dude max de jong is only like the most common name here

  4. we literally reposting @dadsaysjokes from instagram content and crop out the source now?? 🪦

  5. nein ist es nicht. Antonio ist heute nur etwas aufgebracht.

  6. Aber wehe ein Schulkind steigt mit Skateboard unter dem Arm ein: „Schleich die außi mit dem Graffl!”

  7. lustig, ich kann mich gar nicht erinnern eine portion whataboutism bestellt zu haben.

  8. I told him he was like my brother, but then I cut off all of his limbs, because that‘s what brothers do lmfao

  9. Disappointed he didn't claim to have the high ground during that last fight.

  10. I thought for sure vader would claim the high ground while obi wan was stuck in that pit..

  11. I've been playing an awful lot lately! My Officer class is 285!

  12. passiert andauernd.. katalysatoren von autos und auspuff von motorrädern (akrapovic..)

  13. Mir habens 5 Akrapovic in 4 Jahren gfladert die Husos, in Wien 1090.

  14. das ist genau der grund warum auf meinen vespas die originalen drauf sind und bleiben :(

  15. Echo, and the next one obviously should be Fives

  16. there‘s just too much time between morbius and barbie :( indie film makers have fucked up!

  17. wann kommter denn nun der gr8 reset. ich warte schon zweieinhalb jahre?

  18. Best to start with blue harvest, then something something darkside, then it's a trap. Followed by spaceballs.

  19. The guy at UPS noticed my GS. I didn’t give a shit

  20. I think spoiler tags for an almost 30 year old movie franchise are very cute :)

  21. Force your dog with a nose 10x as sensitive as yours to huff paint!

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