1. To be fair, Sin has a very safe playstyle, and Dark Arts isn’t always the safest option

  2. The cop that punched her needs more training. After the first hit he should have slammed her down to protect his colleague. Looks like he doesn't know how to restrain someone which is why he punched her. The punch was fully deserved but should never have happened.

  3. Honestly seems like a valid assessment, but watching that mole get knocked out was pretty satisfying

  4. according to my calculations, the ionization energy of the reaction BD(aq) + W7M(aq) is 0 joules/mol

  5. she's fine as is. powerful, even. let me list some of her strengths

  6. She’s underwhelming in a lot of situations. Unless she’s being brought to counter a Pulse, Vigil, Echo or Valk, there’s no reason to use her over a Iana or a Nokk.

  7. That’s alright mate! You may have the reaction time of an abacus, but at least you don’t scream slurs upon death before leaving the game!

  8. I updated the look of this one a bit. Thanks to

  9. A rocket league match takes 5 mins + overtime. A siege match takes minimum 20 mins for a complete ass whooping.

  10. Take note whoever posted that Beastcoast meme the other day. Transparent backgrounds of logos, not 50% text boxes and some weak ass white background shit.

  11. Umm akshually It's double tears, not +2 Fire rate up, that's not how 20/20 works :17736:

  12. is that a good or a bad thing

  13. I’m no OG but I know 520metal and that EG guy that corrects people’s grammar have had some doozies.

  14. Imma be real mate, I kinda remembered your name but thought it would be funnier if I didn’t

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