1. Wait, call Abbvie foundation, if you can't afford humira they will send you meds. I did it when my insurance didn't cover it so I didn't skip doses.

  2. Thanks so much! I think I should narrow it down somewhat also. I’ll probably go with what I know best initially, and see how that works out.

  3. If I saw your ad, I'd probably think you were desperate and not fully qualified on all these things. I'd pare the list down to the ones you are best at. Or, make a few different ads.

  4. That’s what I was afraid of, thank you for the advice. I’ll probably start out with the one or two things I know best and just do an ad for that and see how it goes.

  5. I don’t have these, but as a recovering alcoholic I have dreams where I’m drinking and I get freaked out thinking I ruined my ‘clean date’. I read a book called ‘Alcohol Lied to Me’ and the author went through the same thing, to the extent where he was just absolutely sure that he must have drank, he would check all the garbage bins in the house after these events to see if there were any empty alcohol bottles, and there never was.

  6. My dad grew up semi-poor in Appalachia and had 5 siblings so he was also big on the whole ‘finish everything on your plate’ mess 🤦‍♀️

  7. I’m having the same exact problem. Got diagnosed and treated 6 weeks ago for a medical problem that was hindering my weight loss. Finally losing weight now but inbetween sizes. If I can keep up the rate I’m losing weight, I’m thinking within 6-7 weeks I can fit into more clothes. But that doesn’t help the fact I’m seeing my crush next weekend. Oof.

  8. I’ve lived on my own for almost 7 years now and there are few food choices where I live (very small town) so if I want food and I don’t have it, I have to drive into the bigger town. And usually I’m just like screw that, I’m not driving into town just to get food.

  9. I get this wholeheartedly. I went to the grocery store last night to buy food for the coming week and literally all I bought was olives, grapes and three bars of soap. I would’ve bought Diet Coke but I was at a fancy organic grocery store that doesn’t sell it.

  10. Sort of. I feel like in my case, my ED is partially tied in with a medical disorder (ulcerative colitis, food hurts). Depending on the person and what I’m feeling, I may hold out on telling them about my UC for a long time, as it’s a super embarrassing ailment.

  11. A weird bit of useless trivia- I recently learned that JFK was obsessed about his weight and he took scales with him whenever he was going away somewhere for a while.

  12. Anorexic here, but I wish that were the case- I have hypothyroidism and on ADHD medications. Oof. I had also quit smoking and then read quitting can also cause chronic constipation so I started smoking again, as I had previously got a bit too reliant on laxatives. Double oof.

  13. Abdominal muscles of any sort. Never had them, not even when I was 21 and played NCAA tennis. Will likely never have them.

  14. Not positive it's who OP is talking about, but it sounds a lot like shit "without a crystal ball" would pull.

  15. My mom would purposely wait until I was getting dressed and she would do crap like this.

  16. My mom shamed me because I didn’t know how to balance a checkbook at 15. Like what kind of expectations do you think are normal for a 15 year old who didn’t even pick a major yet?!

  17. This reminds me of when I would get yelled at for not knowing what the exact date is.

  18. I am almost 40 and I ranged between anorexic and underweight BMI until I was 31. My ideal honestly is the underweight range- I have more energy then, zero bloating, ideal blood pressure, etc, so that’s what I’m trying to get back to.

  19. Thanks for your in depth response. Yea, I feel my best when I am underweight. When I was heavier my thyroid tanked, I felt like shit all the time, was swollen and inflamed all the time. I never want to feel like that again. I want to continue losing weight and get to my personal happy comfortable underweight range because I know for me, when I’m a “normal” weight I actually feel terrible. I’m assuming you’re a shorty like me. So it really sucks and we don’t even look skinny unless we are underweight (speaking as a short person). That’s basically why I continue wanting to lose weight, because even 3 lbs looks like ten on my frame. I’d rather get to a critically low weight and fluctuate 4 lbs. i will never be happy at a normal weight because when I was, I was miserable , depressed, and self harmed because of how disgusting I felt in my body.

  20. Yes! Also, my ADHD tends to make me hyperfocus at times so I may tend to say too much and might overshare online. I live in a small town with not a lot of friends and I’m extremely introverted so it’s hard for me to open up to people in person. Especially not about this kind of stuff. I live in the southern US and there’s a lot of overeaters here (southern US is horrid in terms of obesity) and fried food is like a religion, so people are generally not understanding of my viewpoints on the matter. Also a lot of alcoholism here, which I guess that’s a problem almost everywhere, and I’ve battled alcoholism twice in my life now. At least the first time around I was young and still thin, although I was somewhat of an ‘alcorexic’- I barely ate and most of my calories came from alcohol.

  21. Yep once in my early 20’s was dating a tennis coach and he would tell me junk like ‘Your body is so perfect’ but later say something like ‘You need to gain 5 lbs’. 😑

  22. I was about to type out a long comment but I think less is more in this instance. Both my best friend and I were eating disordered growing up- mine was anorexia and I still have it, hers was bulimia that has now turned into binge eating.

  23. I agree with your edit. The only thing she has ever done that actually annoyed me a bit was insinuating in interviews that she has completely recovered from her ED when I'm not entirely sure if thats even possible. Otherwise the book itself and her interviews have been brilliant.

  24. I understand, I think there are times, especially when we are young, we might think something is no longer a problem, or that we’re ‘recovered’ from it, when that’s not the case and we still have a long way to go. That might be where she’s at and she doesn’t realize it. I’ve suffered two bouts of alcoholism in my life, the first was 22-23, the second was 32-34, so I know how it goes thinking that a problem is completely gone, just to be proven wrong years down the road. I used to think in that span where I wasn’t drinking, that I was no longer an alcoholic, that I was fully recovered. Now that I’m ‘clean’ the second time around, I try to reframe it as I’m not ‘active’ in my alcohol addiction currently. The ‘disease’ is still there stored away in my genetic memory somewhere.

  25. Antidepressants just made me feel ok about being depressed and doing nothing. They gave no motivation to do anything or to get better. Only after a doctor realized that I may have adhd, and put me on meds for that, did I start to get better. I now realize that most of the reason I was depressed was because my adhd prevented me from actually accomplishing anything, and I would feel stupid and worthless because of it.

  26. This was my experience as well. I’ve been on adderall for 6 weeks now and my depression is 90% gone, anxiety is around 50% gone.

  27. If you have a consignment shop around you, they’ll take it off your hands and sell it for you. That way you’ll let go of the clutter, and make some money from it. It may not be what it’s worth, but it’s something. It’s what I’m doing, and after around so many months of something not selling, the consignment shop will donate it on my behalf.

  28. Ulcerative Colitis for the longest; ADHD that went undiagnosed forever; Hypothyroidism

  29. The veil finally dropped for me when she was screaming in my face and said "Your my daughter! You don't get to have boundaries!"

  30. I can relate to this so much. Any time I tried to establish and maintain boundaries with her when I was younger it got torn down, and I was accused of ‘hiding’ something from her. Potentially hiding something ‘criminal’ even. I didn’t even start to have a concept of what proper boundaries were and how to maintain them until I was in my mid 20’s. I’m almost 40 now and she still tries to invade my privacy. I don’t let her.

  31. Ahhh yes this was a phrase I heard commonly when growing up. ‘But I’m your mother.’ And? So I guess that makes it okay to act like a POS cause of some kind of blood relation nonsense?

  32. Only tic tacs and my tiny piece of communion bread. It depends on vitamins. If it’s over 10 calories I’m logging it.

  33. ugw. My ed is a coping method for other mental issues, so if I woke up completely recovered from my ed, I'd just go back to my other coping methods (so drug abuse, alcoholism, etc). With the ed at least I'm functional and not leaking money out the ass.

  34. UGW. I was skinny for the first 31 years of my life and it’s still how I envision myself. I hate my autoimmune disorders and the prednisone that has wrecked my body.

  35. Every time my mom is like ‘I’m done with you’ I’m thinking oh gawd can it please be true this time 😂

  36. Same! I feel like people throw out it being fake so they can make returns that wouldn’t have been allowed otherwise. I’ve lost every time someone has claimed it’s fake. I was told it’s their policy when the authenticity is in question to have the item returned to the seller…. So I think the seller will lose 100% of these cases

  37. Yep I even had a buyer state that my perfume minis were fakes…. Most of these were 0.25 ounce items with a spray mechanism that could not be removed. A counterfeiter is not going to mess with that when they can tamper with the 1.7 and 3.4 ounce perfumes and make bigger $$.

  38. I’ve always had an issue with this, even when I was super thin growing up. I tend to cover my mouth somewhat with my hand when I bite and chew, it’s like if no one can see it then it’s not happening lol

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