1. Has she backtracked/covered her ass to say they broke up but got back together?

  2. She has? When did she tell these stories?

  3. I watched the interviews she did with Jimmy Fallon and she never mentions Leo maybe I missed it. Which one was it? 😩

  4. I don't remember. She had some anecdote about her friend's hair catching on fire.

  5. When did he get so weird? He wasn’t like this when he was married to Anna Farris was he?

  6. Hes always sort of been this way. If you read early interviews when he first started blowing up there are hints of it. Like when he told some story about a guy approaching him in a parking lot claiming to be a messenger from God and convinced him of some shit like he's to be a big movie star and bring Christ to Hollywood or something crazy like that. Hes always had a messiah complex not unlike tom cruise.

  7. did i miss something on him? all i remember is he was in that beastly movie lol

  8. He basically tanked his own career. Laundry list of bad behavior but he was such an ass on MM and pissed off Channing for not paying his buddy rent money that they wrote him out of the 2nd movie.

  9. I’ve never seen one without the Roman numeral or numerical 3 in the center actually be worn or endorsed by a proud boy. I hate chris pratt and ain’t looking to excuse him but wondered if you could point me towards the empty middle one cause everything I find on Google images has a 3 of some kind in the center…

  10. I was wondering this too. I lived in DC for years and every souvenir shop carries merch like this. I know it's common for right wing groups to co-opt this stuff but you see tourists from all over wearing this.

  11. Does the symbol usually have a Roman numeral III in the center?

  12. I feel like Eva has been increasingly public lately with things like her vampire facial posts and candid comments about her children.

  13. I think she went offline for a year or so after getting called out for liking antivaxx posts. She's eased her way back in with the business venture.

  14. I want to know if Scientology really built them a meadow she and Tom could run through.

  15. Claiming any relationship or event is PR is the gossip equivalent of yelling Fake News. It's a way of self soothing and upholding parasocial fantasies and I hate that DM, CDAN, Beyond the Blinds, Fluenty Forward etc encourage this form of consumption. It's lazy and lifts up conspiracy theories rather than pop culture literacy.

  16. The American accents she gives her characters are always ott caricatures so I guess that works in this case?

  17. I didn’t like the book at all. I found it full of cliches and the main character felt like a personification of “not like other girls”, constantly telling us we should adore her yet gives no real reason to actually even like her.

  18. Same. I couldn't get invested in any of the characters. They were all terrible. The ending was awful.

  19. Mind you, the company he sold to initiated court proceedings bc they have concerns about how he's running things and has refused to open the books so they can look into things. All this bc he wants to shift public opinion in his favor. It's manipulative and gross.

  20. The time Adrien Brody bought Elsa Pataky a castle, did a massive photospread there

  21. I've seen a lot of "Johnny was defending a homeless black woman" which . . . Lori Anne Allison and her answering machine would like a word.

  22. It'll probably morph into saving orphaned baby refugees or some shit. There's nothing those people won't twist, believe, or defend to uphold the fantasy.

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