1. What Selena's fans have done, especially the last few months, has been downright sinister.

  2. The difference in statements tells you everything you need to know. Especially about Selena. Whew.

  3. Hailey did nothing wrong, it is weird how something Selena instigated and she is getting trashed back and forth about it.

  4. Hailey is being a lot more generous to Selena than I would be right now.

  5. The one posted here was part of a longer video thanking fans for supporting Rare Beauty that people were claiming was thanking people for harassing Hailey. And has hundreds of upvotes even though it was clearly not true. so I think more than screenshots is needed. The full links must be somewhere?

  6. There is no communications professional who would invite violence like this. This is Selena.

  7. Oh stop. Selena and her fans have been playing the same game for years; we all know how this works and that it'd end in death threats. Selena knows what happens and has sat silent for weeks and still won't apologize for the harm she's caused.

  8. that's not true? some people were still skeptical after the footage but

  9. i know, i said there was some skepticism but the feedback was mostly positive, at least that's what i can say based on the tweets and videos i saw at the time.

  10. Michael Dorman and Patriot. It was such a fantastic show with an amazing cast and Amazon kinda left it dead in the water.

  11. Mukamal also styles Zoe Kravitz, Billie Eilish, and Channing Tatum.

  12. I'm not sure I've ever heard anything positive from or about her.

  13. There's no way this is happening. The K's are good friends with Anna and even if they had a falling out, they bring too much publicity to the event for Anna to not invite them.

  14. Agree with all your points. Also would like to add that Anna sometimes courts controversy for publicity; think the Kimye Vogue cover or inviting guests like PSY to the Met Gala or possibly leaking she had Kate Upton buy her own ticket to the event. Anna Wintour is a troll, she's just good at keeping her hands clean while doing so.

  15. These are not Selena stans at a don toliver concert 😭 y’all have to realize that Hailey hate has eclipsed stan Twitter and it has bled into general consciousness among gen z they just don’t like that girl

  16. It's Selena stans who have been flooding social media with these fucked up narratives (ala J. Depp) to make it part of the public consciousness in this way. The line can be traced right back to them and to Selena.

  17. I just listened to the episode. She did not shit talk the writers lol

  18. Why does that W Magazine cover look so badly photoshopped, was that an intentional choice? It looks like the playbill cover for a modern retelling of Oklahoma

  19. I know he thinks he really did something with that clip but all it did was show what a terrible fucking actor he is.

  20. I remember being subscribed to a woman during the amber heard trial on youtube, and even she was posting horrible short clips about amber and gaining millions of views, she bragged about it in a video and I unsubscribed. I think the same thing is happening with hailey unfortunately, misogyny sells well these days. I can only wonder who will be the next victim to this new system.

  21. I've had to unfollow a lot of my seemingly normal pop culture follows on TikTok bc they've jumped on the conspiracy theories and hate train. It's really disturbing to watch what Selena fans have done.

  22. Selena really needs to tell her fans to knock it off. This is out of control and she instigated it.

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