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  1. Listen to this kid repeating everything he hears from that mutant of a mother.

  2. They hired an outside law group to suppress all the FOI requests. Do you actually think they would enforce this law and who would enforce it? The leaders of this town are dirty from the top to the bottom. I feel so sad for the citizens of this town, they are getting zero help.

  3. They did??? Wow. It just keeps getting better. I feel so bad for all of these families that aren’t being treated the way they deserve to be. Just seems like they’re on their own and it’s disgraceful.

  4. He needs to be in a straight jacket in a padded room. But I think it’s safe to say, we successfully F’d everything up for these two disgusting scammers. The real Craig was brought out and he took care of the rest with his psychotic behavior and dumb, criminal decisions.

  5. Can’t wait for when Jeremy gets out and they both realize nobody gives a fuck about either of them and it becomes apparent how hated they are in the community. Being famous for being lying scum isn’t a good thing Jenn, neither is being a whore who begs for a night off the streets with her ass hole.

  6. Imagine losing a fight to someone who’s not really fighting back that hard. These two are embarrassing themselves.

  7. Dude stopped himself with that table though. I was like ohhh noooo until he pulled back.

  8. And no on does a thing, further allowing these psychotic fuck heads to continue to do this shit and get away with it. It’s never going to end.

  9. The fact that these severely mentally ill people get by each day is mind blowing.

  10. I really really really hate that this is where my thoughts went, but “mind blowing” + JFK = … 😬

  11. Awesome. Thanks for posting this. His apology isn’t genuine. I bet he was even more enraged that he lost his position.

  12. Congress passed a Stolen Valor Act making it a crime, but the Supreme Court found that people have a First Amendment right to talk shit, including claiming to have parachuted into the Battle of Thermopylae or whatever Jeremy's up to; so he's off the hook.

  13. So I guess this is just another thing he’s gotten away with because of the corrupt Florida PD.

  14. It should also be stated that he, himself, admitted that he was never in the military, albeit seconds after claiming that he was.

  15. Which video can I hear that on? I don’t remember ever hearing that. I thought I’ve seen all the videos ever posted. Lol

  16. Im not a boomer and I didnt lie. Why does the previous generation call THIS generation entitled when they literally made them that way? Its like they dont want to acknowledge what THEY created. Typical BOOMER behavior.

  17. Sorry to say, but he friggen deserved it. Justice doesn’t happen that often. Maybe he learned his lesson.

  18. Is he so mad because someone actually called him out on where he is. Omg what does he think would happen. Can’t hide forever Craig/Vince/Mike 🤯

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