1. Yes I’m aware - I have a friend who is currently in the program and she had a BS in biology.

  2. Can you even apply for the online masters in CS at Georgia tech with a psychology degree?

  3. Yes but I need to take the pre-req’s. I am currently taking them. I have a friend with similar non-tech background and she’s currently doing the masters at Georgia tech.

  4. I did laser. I wish I could have continued I saw great improvement.

  5. How much was it? And how often or how many treatments did you do? What kind of laser was it? 🥺🥺I’m desperate

  6. I have these Streach marks and I hate them. Idk what to about them but I want to get rid of mine. I’m super embarrassed and cannot get myself to wear short sleeve shirts in the summer.. I’m debating on getting CO2 laser, tattoo cover up, & currently doing microneedling. Any advice + tips that has worked for others is greatly appreciated.

  7. I don’t really pay attention anymore tbh.. it’s been a while

  8. Work. I hate working. I hate the idea of working. But I love and need money. So here I am, working….

  9. I’m moving there next month because my job is no longer remote.

  10. Stay away from Infosys. I currently work there and it’s a fucking shit show. Management is trash and they will put you on projects that’s you have no experience in and it’s just a fucking mess. I’m stuck on a support project and I cannot for the life of me get off. Management is not helpful, most of the people here have no idea what’s going on.. STAY AWAY.

  11. You may need glasses , are you taking plenty of breaks ? I think the recommendation is 10 mins every hour ? Also as suggested look at screen filters

  12. Yesss! I needed glasses lol. I didn’t notice my vision was going bad lol

  13. Do you wear prescription glasses or eye contacts? If not, it may be a good idea to see an eye doctor. I had really bad headaches before so I went to the eye doctor and found out I would need glasses which fixed my headaches from eye strain. Otherwise, it may be tension migraines which I also get. My migraines usually occur when I do not eat in time during the day or if I do not get enough sleep. If that happens the only thing that will relieve my headache is taking Excedrin which is for migraines and can be purchased over the counter.

  14. I got my eyes checked out and turns out I need prescription glasses! thank you so much!!!

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