Survived my second suicide attempt and I couldn't be happier to still be alive today

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  1. Not selfish, I don't like to trust other people with my expensive stuff either especially if it takes away time from what you want to use it for.

  2. This is common on any Mexican restaurant menu.

  3. It's pretty common at Mexican places. I think I've seen it at Serranos before.

  4. He didn't mention orientation simply that when drives operate they vibrate cause of the spinning discs with them free hanging like that the vibration could cause the drives to wobble and the excess vibration may have a negative effect on the drives lifespan.

  5. Hey op, you said you were going to stop updating cause you somehow think this is all your fault it's not. It's her parents fault and a horrible culture controlling mindset that was instilled in her to obey her parents more and do what's best for her parents and not for herself.

  6. Damn comments for the yt video are turned off I can't imagine why. That's so fucking sad how she just moves his hand like that like it was so normal 4 years ago. Man I hope that girl is old enough and on her own by now fuck that family.

  7. As a guy I'd have issues with a girl seeing someone casually while looking at me for something serious. So if Greg is someone you can see yourself being serious with Paul needs to be dropped fast.

  8. Okay, thank you. It is a first date; so I'm not sure what Greg is looking for. If he is looking for something casual, I think I will just say I'm not interested. If he's interested in dating a little bit more seriously, then I will tell him. How does that sound?

  9. Yeah of course get to know each other first! Waiting until you know Greg is truly interested in a relationship with you is totally fair. To me it's all about being open and honest and you seem like a genuinely nice person! After all you made this post before even the first date, I wish you the best and hope you find what you are looking for.

  10. I appreciate the sentiment, but as a woman, "don't let guys tape you" sounds so similar to the "don't wear short skirts if you don't want to be raped" argument.

  11. Definitely not how I meant to come across. I wasn't sure what else to title it I guess this was mostly made in attempt to vent because I didn't say anything to him and I have no way of contacting that girl.

  12. You may not have liked it...but she probably did. Why shame the guy? If he really sent the video to that person, then she already has it, and it's kinda impossible not to notice that someone is taking a video, when that act is being performed. Ever think they are both into it? As for the workplace, wrong place to be showing that, so, report that person, if you are so inclined.

  13. I don't think she agreed for the video to be shown to random people? It's not something I should have to deal with at work. So I doubt she liked it.

  14. Apparently you weren't fucking there either. I feel like this has become a troll post with how you are replying to comments. You are heavily defending someone you have known for two years over your brother. And obviously you know him better than any of us but you aren't even acting like your boyfriend wasn't wrong too but you are defending him heavily while saying your brothers basically a dick to everyone without giving real context.

  15. You should consider yourself lucky. That box is trash. Now you can ask for a refund and source a decent enclosure.

  16. 38 Hz tuning, no bracing, can't tell but port area looks pretty low. Yea not a good enclosure. You could look at Sonix on Ebay they make some decent enclosures. I would do minimum Stage 2.

  17. Please don't give them a dime... Fuck your sister and honestly fuck your mom too for even trying to pressure you into that shit. Obviously you are both her daughters but idk how she has the gull to ask that of you knowing what she did.

  18. Can I ask what made you want to go on after a second failed attempt?

  19. Came here to say this, like what's up with all the made me smile posts today making me cry instead.

  20. That's not the point. The mechanic can't see.if it's a shitty turbo or not the moment a customer brings his own stuff. Your not going to open the turbo and check it infront of the customer. That's just not the way it goes. Labor isn't double, you fuck up you pay twice. That's the way it works with bringing your own stuff to shops. The shop fucks up with a new item? It's their responsibility.

  21. That's not how the comment was worded. It was worded as in I'ma charge this person twice for doing the job once not doing the job twice. My argument was against the unethical vs of labor being 100 and now being 200 for the same job

  22. You don't like it take your shitbox somewhere else how's that for ethics, most places straight up won't even use your "rock auto" cheap ass parts.

  23. Rofl you don't even know what I drive and you got personal about unethical behavior. Then you simply decline the business duh.

  24. We had the same at work: people were given 10 charities to choose from with a plastic coin to vote… the dog charity got 10 times more votes than the children with cancer, blind people AND domestic violence shelters all combined! I just don’t get it!

  25. I think something that doesn't help charities anymore is the overhead cost to the people running them. Like I no longer donate to certain charities because a lot of them are go to the people running the charities and not actually for the cause....

  26. Hey y'all this is a fake profile if you scroll through posts you can see the person who they are stealing from call them out.

  27. Thank you! Part 2 of this particular story will probably be that “favorite” time I mentioned between Brandon, his date for the night, me, and being tied down to a table.

  28. I'm pretty sure you don't look as bad as you making it seem. You should post some pics. Nice story tho.

  29. She isn't ugly I think she is fairly attractive, and after reading her posts hella kinky. She could totally get a decent guy that's into her and treats her right.

  30. Hey, was getting used by 5 guys like a burger joint worth losing your race? I mean, you let your teammates down over you getting used as a fucktoy by 5 other people

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