1. Guys, found the solution. Another redditor linked me to a similar problem in the DataHoarder sub. Apparently, Samsung has something called "Dynamic Thermal Protection" or something along those lines which makes this liquid leak when the SSD overheats. The liquid, when cooled down outside, crystallizes.

  2. When I first saw it I thought lithium was leakin out a battery in it.

  3. I bought the whole ammo rack, I’m gonna use the whole ammo rack

  4. It will take more sl from you since you need to buy the entire rack again tho?

  5. As a guy I dont get why anyone would want to wear a skirt, especially in sport, this is adidas as in the sporting brand right?

  6. It is against the kilt code to wear underwear under it unless your underage

  7. The person you originally replied to was not talking about the plane dropping the bombs in this post, but rather talking about how using the bomb series function on the F.222 is fun.

  8. 30 seconds or if they move 20 meters just as a notion and you spawn camping is horrible

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