1. Gabby and Vinny are leaning into the rumors HARD so they’ll stay relevant to the public until the tour. It’ll be more annoying by the time they go on tour together (that Vinny will just join for around 4 shows I think lol). I don’t think they’re together. Maybe they’ll fuck or they’re fucking but it’s obviously not serious. They don’t have a thing. They’re just a couple of cloutchasers.

  2. Im just mindlessly scrolling through the sub the past week or so and all I see is Greg (and VF) hate. Yes, Greg has stans but right now there’s more hate than love.

  3. So are we considering Johnny and Tyler problematic for hanging out with someone who did blackface and hasn't adequately attempted to make amends?

  4. Both Johnny and Tyler liked Trump posts. Johnny’s brother has a boat with a Trump flag, as seen in Johnny’s IG story before. They’re all the same.

  5. Tyler going for a fist bump while the other person going for a high five. Tough scene

  6. One of my favorite rings from this franchise. I think I only like around 5-6 rings (including Gabby’s and Rachel’s). Good job, Brandon.

  7. I saw this story and I thought “ohh artsy” 🤣 Hope they last though otherwise it’s a little embarrassing.

  8. Remember last year when Brendan & Pieper had their controversy?, For weeks afterwards there were "unfollowing watching" posts on this sub, they had endless hate posts, they were put on every blacklist, and even 6 months later they were still being shit on. Yet two days after the reunion aired Gripptica stans are saying " omg, move on already, they're hot and they know it, and anyone who disagrees are ugly, jealous, loser haters". Like make it make sense

  9. I read somewhere on here yesterday (a comment) that there are SA allegations surrounding Logan? Is this true?

  10. This is why I’m surprised by the Logan love on some IG bach accounts lol. I don’t mind him but to actually stan that man?

  11. This cracked me up 🤣🤣🤣 I love it. It’s crazy, but it’s hilarious. And I don’t think she’s far off. She’s probably right.

  12. They’re leaning into it too much it’s now annoying. It’s obviously for the noise. They’re a good match though, a couple willing to fake flirt on SM to stay relevant after their dwts season. Would help to make some noise about the dwts tour as well

  13. I remember the IG stories from that birthday. There was not much trace of Griptoria. Iirc in one story Victoria was near (or dancing, I forget) Justin or some other guy but no trace of Greg and Victoria flirting. Both of them were there though both on the evening party / dancing and the day celebration (more intimate, I think).

  14. Tyler is filming this lol you can see him in the reflection. They seem to be friends.

  15. I mean I guess it could be him but I'm not really 100% sure if it is him.

  16. Tbf it’s debatable. I stared at this reflection for far too long lmfao

  17. She commented on an account with more than 100k followers. And iirc this wasn’t the first time she did this on scoopy’s IG re: this issue. It’s been more than 2 years. Is she a BN fan or is she’s just keeping up because of VF? If it’s the latter, she just looks pathetic. (While the girl she hates with her life is going on out of the country trips and getting tattoos with a guy she most likely emotionally cheated with)

  18. I saw that recent clip of Tyler talking about how much he enjoys kissing every inch of a woman when making love, y’all already know

  19. It looks beautiful! Im surprised. Hope the rings will be like this (as well as like G’s and R’s) moving forward

  20. I mean, Tayshia was forced to talk about her break-up on national tv lol

  21. That’s why I said just to break the news. Tayshia and Zac also both never posted on their IG about it.

  22. Only Michelle, Kate, and Rachel were at the DWTS audience. They met up and had dinner with Genevieve and Brittany after.

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