1. Lila pulls up the potted plants, buries herself in the cool soil, then falls asleep.

  2. His name is Jack! He actually has an IG called jackyardchicken hahah

  3. I can't tell well from the video, is the top of her comb purple-ish? If so it could be a heart or respiratory issue.

  4. Daphne is all kinds of adorable. Thank you for taking such good care of her and updating us with the good news.

  5. Thank you for giving us a much needed Daphne update. Now a bunch of us are fully invested in her tale :)

  6. Yeah, our hens all like / tolerate being spoken too and it's adorable when they respond (though you can't be sure what they're saying is polite conversation).

  7. Tillie was all kinds of adorable and awesome. She was loved and had the best life with you. Roost in Peace little featherbundle.

  8. Happy birthday to the metal Mozart of our time. Looking way better at 50 than I did!

  9. We've had ex-batts since 2009 and they're the most amazing little featherbundles. They come home with us with barely a feather on their backs and have to learn everything about being a chicken. They do blossom quickly with access to real food, water and way less stress to what they've only ever known [and dried mealworms].

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