My daughter was born with hobbit feet.

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  1. Corporate would like you to find the difference between these 2 photos.

  2. The line between video games and real life is truly being blurred.

  3. Aku seems like a good candidate. Aside from all his powers like shapeshifting and dark magic, he shares similar powers to White in that he can turn lesser beings into extensions of himself. But the major difference is unlike White, Aku isn't limited to members of his own kin.

  4. Anyone here watched Stupid Mario Bros.? This reminds me of that.

  5. Even if Trump were out of the picture, why do I get the feeling Ron DeSantis would be feuding with the national GOP if he were the Republican nominee for 2024?

  6. Probably because of the different factions in the GOP and how there are very few things they unify over that has tangible results. Also many of their policies are not well thought out for long-term if they do get it passed; Kansas tax experiment and attempts to reform ACA. Paul Ryan and John Boehner are easiest [indicator] examples of the dysfunction found in the GOP. Another fuel added to this fire is the volatility found in the GOP voter base and its extremity. Ron DeSantis weakness is he goes for the low hanging fruit, sound bites, and much of what he has done don't have significant consequences he needs to address. DeSantis actions, and consequences, are mostly limited to Florida.

  7. I wouldn't be surprised if his firebrand politics end up having major consequences on the national stage and he has a conflict with his own party's leadership. All while alienating independent voters in the process. Hell, he's already lashed out at the mainstream GOP himself and accused them of not following on their promises.

  8. When you talk about complete monsters, are you including only sapient (which have consciousness and actions are motivated by purpose) characters or also sentient (have consciousness but actions are motivated by instinct) and non-sentient (don’t have consciousness) ones?

  9. You said Bluebird never did anything particularly heinous, but the show has shown that she has done some pretty heinous stuff.

  10. Don't get me wrong, Bluebird is pretty much irredeemable, but all her actions pale in comparison to guys like the Lich, who has evidently killed someone and wore their skin as a disguise, murdered a cosmic being that oversees the multiverse, and causes intense psychological harm to a young child.

  11. Looks like the set for a monster movie or TV show.

  12. Don't you just love when games have little details like this?

  13. Why is this so much harder to watch than the gorier parts of the game with undead alien mutants being literally ripped limb by limb?

  14. This is particularly heartbreaking considering how Batman really does die in Gotham Knights.

  15. Didn't The Man in the High Castle have something like this?

  16. insert Dragon Ball/Steven Universe reference here

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