1. If not emphasizing the acronym, it could be stated, "Manning commits to Texas university," which could then mean any university of Texas, not necessarily the one calling itself THE University of Texas.

  2. I went to look at the deleted scenes on a DVD - it was empty.

  3. Welcome to your first session of Freudian anal sis- ANALYSIS!!

  4. Even harder because of it, and harder than that if he's outside the door yelling at us.

  5. Against a wall, where your feet wouldn't touch the ground again for an hour.

  6. Pull it to the side to pound you sooner, then use it like reins to pull you onto me further until we're fucking so hard it rips off.

  7. You know it's looking good when I get hard and hungry at the same time.

  8. They're trying to make an F5 racer, but they keep having to start over.

  9. It has been how many days since a teenage boy has claimed the repetitive strain injury in his wrist was caused by gaming?

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