1. There's a reason why everyone in the sciences says the same thing:

  2. If you don't give us the division, we will raise the temperature of Atlanta one million degrees a day, for five days.

  3. Right there with you. I don't think some coworkers realize that the world DOESN'T revolve around our lab.

  4. at least this time we cliched a playoff spot before our september/october collapse

  5. Maybe it's like staying up after the NyQuil kicks in and then shit gets WEIRD

  6. How do you feel about Ruf getting an inning in a tie game in the 9th?

  7. Oh god, ESPN noted on Alonso's stats that the league average OPS+ this season is 100 🤦‍♂️

  8. Generally pleasant implies a spectrum of pleasantness among the children. Do they know who their father finds most/least pleasant to be around? Is there a ranking system?

  9. Yes. If the Braves and Nats beat and wear down the Mets enough, the Marlins might cash in Money in the Bank on them and steal their spot

  10. She Hulk is fire and The Falcon and Winter Soldier felt like homework for Phase 4.

  11. "it's because of this one microchip that they can only manufacture in Ukraine "

  12. I think Roadrunner was the end point for me. I'll revisit his past work (though that last season of Parts Unknown is difficult) but I don't think I'll pursue anything in the future, and especially not if it's mired in controversy.

  13. I give deGrom infinite money and then only void the part where it applies to the luxury tax threshold without taking him off the team

  14. I am under the impression that Greg Abbott is a piss baby, however, the magnitude of his piss baby-ness remains unknown to me. If known piss baby Greg Abbott needed to be classified based on size (little, medium, big), would Greg Abbott be a little piss baby, a medium piss baby, or a big piss baby?

  15. I live on the west coast so don’t get to see too much NY Media stuff outside of watching the actual games on mlb.tv

  16. He's great! I hope he ends up replacing Ron or Keith when either of them decide to retire from the booth.

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