1. This is pussy shit, it's easily beaten by real discourse that actually happened (eg Anne Frank had white privilege).

  2. My favourite was the debates over home cooking being bourgeois and eating at restaurants being bourgeois (real leftists don’t eat food and are sustained by photosynthesis)

  3. Seeking radical change through the law or legal reform is self-defeating. The law changes AFTER other forms of radical change have already taken hold, not before. And changes in legislation or judicial action tend to “liberate” or create “equality” only within very narrow and repressive terms. Take, for example, the “liberation” of gay and lesbian people, which has demanded they base their relationships and lives on heteronormative and cisgender models.

  4. How is the government giving same-sex couples the option to get married the same as forcing them into heteronormative models? If you don’t want to get gay married and you want to just have gay hookups instead no one is stopping you

  5. Every second comment under this post is about how we should not turn on other leftists because they don’t subscribe to your hyper-specific niche flavor of leftist ideology. Please stop fucking infighting Jesus christ

  6. everyone should learn how to deal with children/babies/teenagers and be nice to them

  7. Well I find children annoying so that completely justifies me treating them like shit yeah take that liberal 😎😎😎

  8. Yeah gender dysphoria is a pretty new concept in psychology (it was only renamed from Gender Identity Disorder in 2013) andPsychologists are only recently able to make headways recently.

  9. Stop internet discoursing in the thread about internet discourse being dumb

  10. Why can’t we just have a nice show with men in womens clothing being normal?!

  11. A drag show but instead of lipsyncing or comedy or anything they just act like normal women having a conversation with no audience the whole time

  12. The real girlboss was inside you, all along. : )

  13. I’m tragically a homosexual man (I am not attracted to women)

  14. Ranking the 13 glee clubbers: 13. Sam. Style? None. 12. Puck. Same boat. 11. Finn. Same. 10. Artie. Is it bad? Yes. Is it memorable? Also yes. 9. Rachel. Seasons 4-6 take her down a notch. 8. Quinn. Her clothes make her look 10 years older. 7. Blaine. Love the preppiness, despite the many fashion disasters it led to. 6. Mike, honestly, we love a vest not worn by a shoe. 5. Santana, not as distinct as I'd like, has some iconic looks. 4. Brittany, when out of the cheerios uniform, she has some very memorable looks. 3. Mercedes. Underrated queen of florals and animal prints. 2. Tina. Goth queen, mod queen, wannabe Rachel queen.

  15. Kurt is definitely the best out of all of them imo but some of his season 1 looks are a little bit diabolical

  16. There’s nothing wrong with not perfectly fitting gay stereotypes, but there’s also nothing wrong with having a lot of traits in common with gay stereotypes either

  17. Nah Loosey’s the other way, she’s so gay I refuse to believe she’s a construction worker until I see her building a house with my own eyes

  18. More Kurt, Mercedes, and Quinn content, they have a load of random background moments together in season 1 but Quinn basically never interacts with either of them from season 2 onwards

  19. Idina Menzel saying “sucking dick and cock” lol

  20. Somebody lied to her several times and told her she was mother, camp and a gay icon, and she’s nothing like that, she’s nothing of the sort

  21. How did you find out about his political opinions he fucking reviews porn where did he bring that up 💀

  22. He could tie like 20 Choice Scarves around himself

  23. They should have switched the challenge order, Rusical this week (so we’d get Marcia x78 in her prime) and Stand Up next week, at top 6 (so we have three pairs and no one has to perform alone)

  24. They absolutely switched it on purpose, they did not want Marcia getting a win lol

  25. Season 3 nationals is the best by far, I hate Season 2 regionals though, the fabric on the dresses doesn’t look great and I don’t like the leggings or the big clunky hiking boots the girls were wearing either

  26. People were calling for Ru to make a statement, Ru makes a statement and they’re still not happy, like do they want this 62 yr old man to personally match on Washington to beat up the Republicans? Direct this hate to the fascists who made these laws in the first place

  27. Not Season 1 though some of those were crunchy 💀

  28. Why did they give a mom with like 38 speed a flinch move those only work if you go first 😭


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